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Refreshing Drink Ideas to Beat the Hottest "Dog Days of Summer"

You may have noticed by the increase in heat when you step outdoors that we are in the midst of the "Dog Days of Summer." This year the hottest and most humid portion of the season falls between July 22 and August 22. That means there are still quite a few hot days ahead of us, so today Savage Scorpions has a few cool and refreshing drink ideas to help you beat that heat.  Pineapple & Jalapeno Infused Vodka Cocktail from With the cool freshness of pineapple, the slight heat of a jalapeno, and that special vodka kick, this summertime cocktail is both flavorful and refreshing. Simply by soaking some diced jalapenos in vodka overnight gives the liquor a lovely spice.  The best way to add some extra "savage" spiciness to this drink is to add our gourmet drink ingredient to the glass too!   As the website states, " Soooo simple, no junky ingredients, just an easy cocktail your entire summer crowd will love. " We're sol

Tequila + Savage Scorpions = A Deliciously Savage Match!

We've got another annual "holiday" coming up that is the perfect celebration to add a few Savage Scorpions to - National Tequila Day on July 24! While often enjoyed as a great scorpion shot , tequila is the main ingredient in quite a few popular cocktails as well. Here are a few we highly suggest giving a try.  Margaritas Most likely the first drink to come to mind when someone mentions tequila is a cold, refreshing, margarita.  These come in just about every flavor, color, and size imaginable. Our unique cocktail garnish looks great served on all of them!  A classic lime margarita is made of tequila, an orange liqueur (like triple sec,) and lime juice served either frozen or over ice in a glass with a salted rim. The addition of agave syrup can be made if you need a bit of sweetness added and some people choose to substitute sweet & sour mix in place of the fresh lime juice. Those ingredients will get you started, but with an internet search or suggestion

Savage Ingredients for Drinks that Glow in the Dark!

Glow parties are eye-catching and fun, and when you can make the drinks that you're serving glow like a part of the decor, your bash will be a whole lot more savage! No unsafe chemicals are needed to make this happen because there are plenty of everyday mixers that already glow  in the dark drink ingredients .  As a matter of fact, Savage Scorpions make an excellent glow in the dark drink ingredient or cocktail garnish that naturally glows under ultraviolet lights. This isn't due to anything we have done to them. Scorpions actually do this in nature already! All we do is quality process them, remove the stingers, and package them up nice and neat to be added to all of your scorpion's shots and signature drinks .    As for the beverage itself, here are a few mix-ins that can easily and deliciously be added to any clear liquor to create an incredible glowing effect for a glow party that people will get excited about.  Tonic Any cocktail mixed with

Hosting a Summer Party? Prepare the Most Important Part - the Bar!

Summertime is a great time to invite the entire gang over for a savage warm-weather bash. Cold, refreshing beverages are a must for parties taking place on a hot summer day. Savage Scorpions has a few helpful tips for you to make sure the hot spot at any party, your bar, is well-stocked and ready to impress your guests.  Decide on a Drink Menu There are a couple of important factors that will figure into the creation of your drink menu. Personal preference, of course, because you'll want to serve drinks you know you and your friends enjoy. Your budget is another important thing to keep in mind.  If money's no object or you already have a large collection of different types of alcohol stocked up, it may be no problem to offer any and all drink combinations. If you're trying to stick to a tighter budget, you may want to limit your guests' choices.  A nice selection of beers and wines is usually enough to satisfy most party-goers. For a summertime party, be sure

5 Creative Ways to Make Signature Drinks Customers Can't Resist

A great way to get more customers into your bar or restaurant is to offer unique menu items that they cannot get anyplace else. An easy menu item to play around with and switch out often is a signature cocktail or shot.  Today Savage Scorpions has a few ideas on how to make those special drinks so enticing, customers will have a very hard time turning them down. These ideas for signature cocktails will make them look and sound so irresistible, they just may be drinks that earn a permanent spot on your regular menu.   Add Creative Garnishes We've all seen some of those outrageous Bloody Marys that have more food on the top of them than liquid in the glass. Even though it might seem ridiculous, customers are usually so excited to see something that crazy, they simply have to have one!  You don't have to overdo a drink's garnish to make it intriguing. Sometimes less is more as long as the creative cocktail garnish you come up with is made from colorful, delicious