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5 Reasons Savage Scorpions NEED To Be In Your Bar

No matter where you live, there are most likely numerous bar and restaurant options available. High-quality items and exceptional customer service are the best way to keep customers coming back again and again, but getting them to try your establishment in the first place can be tricky.  One way to do that is to offer signature food and drink items that they cannot get anywhere else in town. That's where Savage Scorpions can give you an edge over the competition! Here are a few great reasons why adding our unique drink ingredient  to your menu will entice new customers to give your place a try. They Are Fun & Exciting When a group comes into your bar or restaurant and they're obviously out for a fun night on the town, the chance to challenge each other to " shoot the scorpion " will definitely give them a night to remember! It's something out of the ordinary that is sure to bring cheers and laughter to everyone in the group. To make them even more fun

Celebrate National Tequila Day With Savage Scorpions!

National Tequila Day is coming on July 24, 2019. Savage Scorpions & tequila go perfectly together, so it's definitely a holiday we look forward to celebrating! Whether it be a scorpion shot or a tequila cocktail with our creative cocktail garnish gracing the glass, no matter how you shoot it, our tasty treat definitely livens up any party. Just in case you need a little inspiration, here are some savagely awesome ways to celebrate National Tequila Day.   Scorpion Shots The easiest way to pair tequila with a Savage Scorpion is to pour a shot of your favorite tequila, drop a Savage Scorpion into that shot, and then drink it. (The addition of salt and lime are optional.)  The most difficult decision you will have to make is what type of tequila you will choose. Blanco (or silver) is a popular choice but a nice Reposado or Anejo is tasty too. A while back we dedicated an entire blog All About Tequila that may help you make that decision.   Tequila Sunrise This beaut

Perk Up Your Party With Savage Scorpions

When you decide to throw a party or host a gathering, it can be tough to come up with new and exciting ideas to entertain your friends. Simply adding Savage Scorpions to the mix is an excellent way to do that! Our creative drink garnish can be used in more fun ways than just one. Here are a few savage suggestions for taking your next party from ordinary to extraordinary!  Fun & Games A good game of beer pong is always a lively way to perk up a party. Up the excitement of a regular old game by turning it into Scorpion Pong! Add a Savage Scorpion to one of the cups on each side of the table and when a ping pong lands in that cup, it's time to shoot that scorpion! Make the game a lot more savage and go ahead and add a scorpion to more than one cup, or maybe all of them!  Daring Gourmet Dining Experience Throwing a dinner party generally involves serving dishes that you know everyone already enjoys. It that sounds too boring for you, spice things up by turning those r

5 Tips for Creating an Exciting Drink Menu for Every Season

A great drink menu is an excellent way to get more people into your bar or restaurant . Our team at Savage Scorpions has a few helpful tips for creating drink menus all year long that will please a wide variety of people.  Originality  A fully stocked bar is capable of making classic cocktails, but the best bars also come up with signature cocktails of their very own. "Secret" recipes are one way to make sure your competition won't have the same drink on their menu too.  Another way to create a unique beverage is to have ingredients on-hand that the other bars don't.  For instance, our creative cocktail garnish won't be found behind every bar (only the best and most savage ones!) The simple addition of Savage Scorpions to a signature cocktail or shot always gets attention.      Variety Always be sure to feature drinks that cover one of the most commonly ordered liquors in each - vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, and gin. That way you've offered an opt