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How Do You Drink Your Savage Scorpion?

With Savage Scorpions , the possibilities are endless. The only limit is your own imagination. Once our unique drink ingredient arrives, there are quite a few ways that you can incorporate them into your favorite liquor and, as a matter of fact, they work wonderfully on food too.  Just in case you're stumped about how to get started with your Savage Scorpions, here's a little guidance to get you going.  To Chew or Not To Chew? This is a debate among many taking a scorpion shot . You can drink the entire contents of the glass in one big gulp, letting the little guy slide on down your throat in one piece.  Of course, for the more daring, you can savor the moment by chomping down on the Savage Scorpion before swallowing it. That's the best way to make the magical moment last a little longer and show how truly savage you can be! It's all up to the drinker and both ways get the job done nicely.   Shots! The most popular way to enjoy Savage Scorpions is in

Scorpions Really Aren't That Scary - They're Savage!

Some people think scorpions are scary, but on the contrary, they're pretty awesome! We're not just talking about our Savage Scorpions (although some people look scared to try a scorpion shot and they are also savagely awesome!) Even before we quality-process our unique drink ingredient , scorpions out in the wild are very intriguing creatures that you probably don't need to be afraid of. Check out some of our favorite scorpion fun facts below.  They Glow in the Dark! More precisely, scorpions naturally glow under UV lighting. Fluorescent chemicals are present in the exoskeleton of a scorpion. That means that we don't need to do anything special or chemically-induced to Savage Scorpions. They're just naturally super cool that way! A fun fact that makes them an excellent addition to any party.  They Can "Hold" Their Breath Scorpions can stay submerged underwater for up to 48 hours! They have book lungs much like horseshoe crabs. Technically

Creative Drink Ideas for a Savage Halloween Party

Halloween is almost here! That means it's time to start making plans to throw a savagely exciting Halloween party, either at your home or in your bar or restaurant. Savage Scorpions fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of a Halloween bash.  Today's blog has a few ghoulishly good drink recipes that our creative cocktail ingredient is right at home inside. There's even a shot recipe at the end that can be turned into a clever "trick AND treat" scorpion shot if you're feeling sneaky!  Jekyll & Gin from  Not only does this drink have a great Halloween name, but it includes easy-to-get ingredients. The best part is the double nature of this drink, much like it's Jekyll & Hyde inspiration. If you choose to garnish it with a glow stick as the recipe suggests, it lights up! In daylight, it appears to be a lovely coral color but under a black light, it will glow. Our Savage Scorpions also naturally glow under a black light, so th

Costume & Cocktail Pairings for a Supremely Savage Halloween

Every Halloween you probably rack your brain trying to think of the best costume to impress your friends that still makes you look great. In our opinion, the perfect accessory is what you need to really put your costume over the top, and in this case, Savage Scorpions is focusing on the drink that your Halloween character will be carrying around all evening. Here are a few perfect Halloween costume & cocktail pairings to try out this year.  BLOODY MARY Vampire is a classic Halloween costume, and you'll stay completely in character when you drink "Bloody" Marys all night long. Don't forget to put in the sharp teeth and add a bit of fake blood dribbling from your lips. This is also the perfect cocktail if you decide to go out as a zombie. MARGARITA If you're a tequila lover, you might consider dressing up as the lime or the salt that is often served alongside it. Bonus points if you dress someone up as a Savage Scorpion to make it a scorpion shot ! 

How to Master "Being S-A-V-A-G-E"

If you're the type of person that loves being the life of the party, or maybe if you are the type of person that's striving to break out their shell and add more excitement to their life, then you need to get savage! How exactly does one "get savage?" Well, a dose of our Savage Scorpions is one way to achieve that goal!  A simple scorpion shot is always a sure-fire way to get any party going. Savage Scorpions can also be used as a unique drink ingredient for some amazing signature cocktails and even used in recipes for savagely good food to serve guests. The definition of the word "savage" describes it as fierce, untamed, and ferocious. Here are a few more additional adjectives that describe the feeling our Savage Scorpions can help bring out.    S - Showy Sometimes it takes a bit of a show-off to grab people's attention, especially in a crowded room. If you own a bar or restaurant owner, the competition can cause you to need something uniq