5 Creative Ways to Make Signature Drinks Customers Can't Resist

A great way to get more customers into your bar or restaurant is to offer unique menu items that they cannot get anyplace else. An easy menu item to play around with and switch out often is a signature cocktail or shot. 

Today Savage Scorpions has a few ideas on how to make those special drinks so enticing, customers will have a very hard time turning them down. These ideas for signature cocktails will make them look and sound so irresistible, they just may be drinks that earn a permanent spot on your regular menu.  

Add Creative Garnishes
We've all seen some of those outrageous Bloody Marys that have more food on the top of them than liquid in the glass. Even though it might seem ridiculous, customers are usually so excited to see something that crazy, they simply have to have one! 

You don't have to overdo a drink's garnish to make it intriguing. Sometimes less is more as long as the creative cocktail garnish you come up with is made from colorful, delicious, and unique items. For example, a stir stick with lemons, limes, and/or cherries spiked onto it seems plain, but when you perch a Savage Scorpion atop the fruit, then you've got a garnish that will get some attention!   

Make It Colorful
Brightly colored cocktails always grab your eye when they are on a tray among a bunch of neutral-colored drinks.  Make your signature drink "pop" by using ingredients that turn it into a rainbow of color options. 

Blue Curacao is an easy ingredient for turning a clear drink blue, but the simple addition of some pineapple juice will make it more of a turquoise. A splash of grenadine in a blue drink can even give you a beautiful purple shade. Frozen drinks give you numerous color possibilities and for shots, learning how to layer certain types of liquor and mixers can give you an intriguing rainbow effect. Play around with the possibilities.   

Tie It To a Holiday
Holidays are a wonderful excuse to create a limited-edition themed cocktail. Customers will know that once the holiday or a certain season is over, the drink won't be back for at least a year. That gives them extra incentive to "get it now before it's gone!" 

Sometimes you don't even need to come up with a brand new drink recipe. Simply add a different garnish than usual and give it a special name that fits the theme you're aiming for.  

Name It After Your Regulars 
For venues that have a loyal following of customers, reward some of the most loyal regulars with a signature drink named after them! They will very likely suggest their personal drink to all of their friends and probably any strangers that wander into the bar as well. If your town has a historical figure or well-known resident, you may be able to name a signature cocktail after one of them. People will recognize those names and be curious about what type of drink matches that person. 

Put a Savage Scorpion In It!
Adding a Savage Scorpion to any cocktail, shot, or even a beer is an easy way to get a lot of attention at your bar or restaurant. These edible scorpions pair perfectly with any type of alcohol and even make a wonderful gourmet food ingredient, so you might consider bringing them over to your food menu as well. 

A scorpion shot is unique enough that it easily grabs people's attention and when used as an ingredient in a mixed drink, customers will either be anxious to show off just how savage they are or else quick to dare their friends to prove how savage they can be! An added bonus is the fact that they won't be able to resist photographing the event to share on social media which is free publicity for you! 

Those are just a few ways to make your bar's signature cocktails and shots more eye-pleasing and attention-getting. When it comes to mixed drinks, just like with Savage Scorpions, your creativity is your only limit. 

You can easily order Savage Scorpion online to get the ball rolling on your newest signature drink ideas. Dare yourself to try something creative and different and watch the customers, both old and new, take notice! 

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