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Savage Drink Ideas Perfect for Tailgating or Poolside This Labor Day Weekend

Most holidays are great, but the type that results in 3-day weekends are savagely awesome! Not only do most people get a bonus day off work but it's also an extra day to "get savage" with their favorite recreational beverages. Add a side of Savage Scorpions to that and things get even better!  Many people head to the beach, the lake, or the pool to enjoy a good portion of their extended weekend. It's very likely a BBQ or cookout may be a part of the festivities too. Labor Day Weekend also brings with it opening games for college football teams, so bring on the tailgating parties!   No matter which way you decide to spend your time, the following drink recipes will be a nice addition to the refreshments. Add our unique cocktail garnish to the ingredients list of each recipe below and maybe throw in a scorpion shot or two for good measure to truly create a memorable weekend!  Beer Margaritas Beer is a perfect tailgating beverage and margaritas are excell

Savage Drinking Games To Liven Up Any Party

There are plenty of great reasons to throw a party. This time of year it could be to celebrate the beginning of a new year of college, the big game, a holiday weekend, an end-of-summer bash, or just because it's Friday night! If you happen to own a bar, throwing a party is an excellent way to bring more customers into your bar or restaurant .  Today we've got some awesome drinking games you can use to entertain those party guests. They are all pretty fun already, but incorporating Savage Scorpions into the gameplay takes them to a whole new, excitingly savage level!  House Party Games If you're planning to invite a few friends over to party at your place, here are a couple of ideas on how to keep your guests entertained throughout the evening. Mr. Freeze This is a very random game that is played throughout the entire night. It works best for smaller groups of people so that each round goes fairly quickly. At the beginning of each round, everyone draws to find out w

Incredibly Tempting Ways to Use Savage Scorpions

Our creative and unique drink ingredient is just one, single, solitary item. (Which comes in packages of 50 or 100!) Even so, Savage Scorpion s have a lot more than just one, single, solitary use. Here are a few intriguing ways to use these edible scorpions to entice everyone to want to give them a try.  A Savage Signature Cocktail Most people immediately assume that Savage Scorpions are simply used to drop into a shot glass with some tequila or whiskey. Well, that's definitely one way to do it but you can do so much more than that!  For example, add one to the list of ingredients of your favorite cocktail for a savage kick. After mixing the drink, finish the mix by dropping a Savage Scorpion right into the glass. (They love to "swim.")  One could even be dropped on top of a frozen cocktail and it's up to the drinker whether they devour the scorpion while it's on top or save it for the last sip as the drink melts a little. Keep a container of our scorp

Fresh, Fruity, & Savage Inspiration for Summer Cocktails

Schools everywhere are gearing up to start again, but don't be fooled. There's still plenty of summertime left to enjoy, relaxing poolside or in your own backyard with a relaxing cocktail or two. Make those summer drink ideas extra summery and refreshing with the addition of fresh fruits, and make those cocktails extra savage with the addition of Savage Scorpions ! Fresh fruits naturally flavor your favorite spirits in a most colorful way and our edible scorpions naturally make the entire drink a lot more fun. Here are a few tasty recipes for you to try out. Simply add a Savage Scorpion to the ingredients list and you're all set!  Ginger-Peach Beer Cooler This is full of a few favorite summer flavors - refreshing ginger, juicy peaches, and of course, ice-cold beer! Mix a big batch up in a pitcher to serve a thirsty crowd (or for yourself so you don't have to play bartender between refills.) You'll need to make a ginger simple syrup (which isn't diffi

Which Beer Pairs Best With A Savage Scorpion?

We're sure you've all been wondering which beer pairs best with Savage Scorpions and the answer is... all of them! As we have mentioned often before, our fun and unique drink ingredient can be used in all types of drinks and even on food items.  It's no problem pairing our creative cocktail garnish with any beer. The hard part is deciding which beer to order in the first place. There are so many different delicious types available. For those of you new to beer drinking, or anyone longing to extend their palette beyond a regular light beer, here's a cheat sheet to understanding how the different types may taste.  Lager Lagers are often the first beer a person will try. Most of the biggest brand names are this type. They are known for their refreshing crispness. American lagers are light in flavor and in alcohol content.  IPA India Pale Ales (IPA) cover a wide variety of styles of beer. They get characteristics largely from hops and other flavors that can