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Marvelous Mint - A Refreshing Summer Cocktail Ingredient

Warm weather is here most days already and with summer just a few weeks away, you'll be wanting some cool and refreshing cocktail ideas to enjoy as the days keep getting hotter. While Savage Scorpions  are an excellent  unique drink ingredient to add excitement to a beverage at any time of the year, mint is a perfect ingredient for an amazing summer cocktail. Fun Facts About Mint Mint is a beautiful, bold spring green color, it smells amazing, and it tastes great, but there's even more to this popular herb than what you already know. For example, it comes in over 30 varieties, including spearmint, peppermint, orange mint, and more. (Spearmint is usually the type used in cocktails.)  The name "mint" comes from a mythical Greek character, Minthe. She was a Naiad-nymph that fell in love with Hades, the god of the underworld, and tried to seduce him. This angered his wife, Persephone, and the goddess turned Minthe into a mint plant.   From stories to reality,

Scorpions as a Delicacy Around the World

Unless you happen to be a scorpion fanatic, you probably didn't know that this intriguing creature can be found living on every continent in the world except for Antarctica. The specific scorpions that we use to provide you with scorpion shots and a fun and unique cocktail garnish come from just two places - China and Thailand. In other countries, locals and tourists alike enjoy scorpions more commonly than we are used to. Here in the United States, our Savage Scorpions are the best way for you to get a taste of this delicacy. Our gourmet ingredient can be used in shots, cocktails, and even food. Here's a closer look at how they are enjoyed in other parts of the world.  Thailand If you thought taking a scorpion shot was savage, people in Thailand eat their scorpions on a stick, similar to a kabob. When tourists, or anyone for that matter, eat scorpions from a street vendor, it’s important to make sure whatever vendor you buy from has removed the stinger from the tail. (O

Delicious Drink Ideas to Enjoy Over Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is coming up in just a few days, which means it is time to start thinking about the refreshing beverages you'll be serving over the holiday weekend. Savage Scorpions pulled together a few Memorial Day Drink Ideas from around the internet to inspire you.  They are all easy to make and will taste even better with the addition of one simple yet unique drink ingredient - Savage Scorpions! (Okay, they don't have to have that added, but it sure makes the drinking experience a lot more exciting!)  Watermelon Sangria from Memorial Day often means picnics, and what's a picnic without watermelon? With this refreshing recipe, you get to have your watermelon and "drink" it too! It is a wonderful combination of white wine, white rum, seltzer, and a variety of fresh fruits. (Our creative drink ingredient always looks right at home mixed in among all that fruit!)  This can easily be mixed up ahead of time and served right out of the waterme

5 Reasons You NEED Savage Scorpions in Your Bar or Restaurant

No matter where you go, there are most likely multiple drinking and dining establishments for people to choose from. High-quality menu items and exceptional customer service are the best ways to keep happy customers coming back again and again. To get them through the door for that first visit, you need some unique ideas for your bar or restaurant to stand out from the rest and entice new customers to check you out.   Signature cocktails and creative menu items that customers cannot get anyplace else is an excellent way to grab their attention. Serving Savage Scorpions is a terrific and very memorable way to do that! Not sure? Here are 5 reasons why adding our unique drink ingredient to your menu will entice new people to give your place a try.  They Are Fun & Exciting When a group comes into your bar or restaurant and they're obviously out for a fun night on the town, the chance to challenge each other to " shoot the scorpion " will definitely give them