Hosting a Summer Party? Prepare the Most Important Part - the Bar!

Summertime is a great time to invite the entire gang over for a savage warm-weather bash. Cold, refreshing beverages are a must for parties taking place on a hot summer day. Savage Scorpions has a few helpful tips for you to make sure the hot spot at any party, your bar, is well-stocked and ready to impress your guests. 

Decide on a Drink Menu
There are a couple of important factors that will figure into the creation of your drink menu. Personal preference, of course, because you'll want to serve drinks you know you and your friends enjoy. Your budget is another important thing to keep in mind. 

If money's no object or you already have a large collection of different types of alcohol stocked up, it may be no problem to offer any and all drink combinations. If you're trying to stick to a tighter budget, you may want to limit your guests' choices. 

A nice selection of beers and wines is usually enough to satisfy most party-goers. For a summertime party, be sure to offer chilled wines or maybe a nice fruity sangria. Picking a couple of signature cocktails is another way to limit choices but offer more variety than just beer and wine. You can even have them already mixed up in containers ready to be poured.

Stock Up On Ice
Any good bar is going to need plenty of ice, and then some extra backed up beyond that "just in case." This is especially true for outdoor summer parties. It melts a lot faster in this case and people will want to use more ice to keep those drinks nice and cold.

Here's a fun party tip: Instead of just serving the garnish on the side, come up with a creative cocktail garnish by freezing some fruit, or maybe one of our Savage Scorpions, into some ice cubes for the drinks. Once it melts, a bonus treat!

Don't Forget the Garnish
Since we brought up the subject, this is the perfect topic to look at next. Most guests will be okay with just a plain glass filled with their favorite beverage, but when you dress it up with a fun garnish, they'll be happily impressed. After all, party drinks deserve some extra special treatment. Think paper umbrellas, colorful fruits, crazy straws, and maybe something savage to top it off!

Our incredible edible scorpions are always an awesome garnish for impressing guests. They are a great conversation starter, an exciting party addition, a moment everyone is sure to remember and talk about, plus they're pretty darn good! You'll want to have some bright and colorful sliced fruits to top the glasses with as well. (Those fruits make a nice perch for a Savage Scorpion if anyone doesn't want to drop it immediately into their glass!)

How Much is Enough?
You probably know your friends well enough to gauge how many drinks they will want to have during your party. When you are trying to estimate how much to buy, it is suggested to expect to serve about 2 drinks per guest for the first hour and 1 drink per hour after that. Some people may have more, some may have less, but this is a good idea of where to start.

To Shoot or Not To Shoot
You will need to decide if shots will be offered during your party or if you will limit everyone's beverages strictly to drinks. A scorpion shot is an excellent way to liven up any get together, but shots can also lead to guests getting a little drunker than they intended, or that you care to clean up after.

If your friends can be trusted to handle this perk, go for it. If you'd prefer to keep everyone a little more level-headed while you're hosting, hide the shot glasses and don't leave open bottles out for just anyone to get a hold of.

One final tip, always have plenty of water on hand for your guests to enjoy between cocktails, especially on hot days. These tips should help to assure that there are plenty of ice-cold drinks to keep everyone cool and refreshed. Adding our unique cocktail ingredient takes your summer party to the next level, from ordinary to extraordinary! 

It's easy to order Savage Scorpions online, in either 50-count or 100-count containers. Be warned though, once you see how much your guests love this small but savage addition to your bar, you're probably going to want to order more for the next party too!

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