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Tell Us - How You Drink Your Savage Scorpions?

When it comes to enjoying Savage Scorpions, the possibilities are endless. The only limit is your own imagination. Once our unique drink ingredient arrives, there are quite a few ways that you can incorporate them into your favorite liquor and, as a matter of fact, they make an excellent gourmet food ingredient too.If our edible scorpions are new to you, you may be stumped about exactly how to get started. To get you going, here are few things to consider.  To Chew or Not To Chew?The most popular way to enjoy Savage Scorpions is in a shot glass along with your favorite liquor. They pair perfectly with any type of alcohol, so no matter what your shooter of choice may be, it will be made that much more exciting when you drop one of our tasty little creatures into the glass.So, do you chew the scorpion or not? This is a debate among many taking a scorpion shot. One way to do it is to drink the entire contents of the glass in one big gulp, letting the scorpion slide down your throat in one…

Savagely Delicious Drinks for Tailgating Refreshment

Football season is in full swing which means it's time to come up with some enticing tailgating ideas for an unforgettable pre-game party. Simply adding Savage Scorpions to any drink or shot is an easy way to create a memorable moment that will have people talking! If you're on the lookout for a few new drink ideas to serve along with our edible scorpions, here are some that any football fan should love.
Grilled Sangria If you're tailgating, you're probably near a BBQ grill. That will make it easy to prepare the fruit for this creative cocktail we found at It's perfect for a big group because this drink is mixed up in a big batch. The grilled fruit gives the drink a bit of a smoky flavor that a Savage Scorpion will seem right at home in. Get the full recipe here.
The BromosaWe've seen recipes similar to this referred to as "Beergaritas" but the name of this drink from is perfect for a gang of guys (or gals, for that…

How Many Ways Can You Get Savage With Savage Scorpions? (We're Still Counting...)

When it comes to "getting savage" with Savage Scorpions, the possibilities are endless! The only limit is your own imagination, but if you're ever stumped for ideas on how to use our creative drink ingredient, we're always here to inspire you. 

We don't have room in this blog to list every single way that our edible scorpions can take your night from ordinary to extraordinary that we've discovered so far. We have, however, listed a few ideas to get your own savagely creative juices flowing. 

Shoot The Scorpion
Starting out with a scorpion shot is simple, quick, and a great introductory way to enjoy Savage Scorpions. They pair perfectly with any and every alcohol so no matter what your preferred shot is, these tasty treats will fit right in! Pour a shot, drop a Savage Scorpion inside, and then all that's left to do is decide whether you'll swallow it whole or chew it first when you shoot it. #HowSavageAreYou?

Mix the Scorpion InSignature cocktails are a gr…