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Exotic Drinks Around The World

When it comes to unique and crazy cocktails, Savage Scorpions  knows all about that. Whether you prefer a margarita or a vodka tonic, you can instantly take ANY drink to the next level with a Savage Scorpion. With crazy cocktails on our mind, we thought it would be fun to see what crazy cocktails are consumed around the world. Check out some unique concoctions below! Snake Blood & Rice Wine – Southeast Asia/China This concoction is made by infusing whole snakes in rice wine or grain alcohol. You can even take this drink a step further by mixing fluids of the snake – blood and bile – with the rice wine and consume it immediately as a shot. Hirezake – Japan This is a dish that you can either eat or a shot you can drink. This drink is made by taking the extremely poisonous puffer fish fin, crisping it, and placing it in hot sake. The Sourtoe Cocktail – Dawson, Canada You choose ANY drink you want, and the bartender will add a severed toe to your drink. They keep

The Newest Cocktail Trend: Insect Cocktails.

Whether you like your martinis shaken or stirred, your Bloody Mary spicy, or top-shelf liquor, there’s one thing we can almost all agree on – you can spice up any drink or shot with a Savage Scorpion . You heard right… a scorpion! Adding a scorpion to the mix is a great way to add a fun new element to a regular drink or shot. No need to worry, the stingers have been removed during the process. Check out these ways to use Savage Scorpions and create a signature drink! Ways to Use Savage Scorpions in Your Drinks Bloody Mary A Bloody Mary is a brunch staple. Is it even considered brunching without a having a Bloody Mary? We don’t think so. What better way to add some fun to your Bloody Mary than with a Savage Scorpion? It’s unique and a great conversation starter.  Are you brave enough? Tequila Shots Using a scorpion in a tequila shot is a fun variation of the Mexican tradition of placing worms in tequila. There are many varieties when it comes to the typ

How Savage Are You?

Most of us have heard about the Mexican tradition of placing worms in tequila, but why not kick it up a notch? Well, we have! Savage Scorpions would like to welcome you to our blog! If you’re looking to spice up how you drink tequila or any drink for that matter, Savage Scorpions can do just that. Whether you’re wanting to create a new feature shot or cocktail at your restaurant, or you’re having a party with your friends and family, Savage Scorpions  always make a great addition! Savage Scorpions glow naturally under an ultraviolet light and can be incorporated into your signature cocktails, spirits, menu items, etc. Your creativity is your limit!  Don’t worry, the stingers have been removed.  You have two options when you order: 100 count - 3 cm - 4 cm  50 count - 3 cm - 4cm  We will also have scorpions that are 5 cm - 6 cm coming soon!  Are you ready to see how savage you are? If so, orders yours today ! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and ma