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Drinks For Everyone! Valentine's Day AND Anti-Valentine's Day Recipes

Valentine's Day is kind of a bittersweet holiday. If you're in love, you most likely enjoy it and if you're not, well, it's very likely that you'd prefer to skip it altogether. Today Savage Scorpions is doing our best to appeal to both types of people. First, we've got a couple of drink and scorpion shot ideas for the anti-Valentine's Day crowd, followed by some sweet and sexy cocktails for the lovebirds. 

Boo to Love
Don't hide away on Valentine's Day trying to escape the lovey-dovey feelings in the air. Instead, go out and have a savage time for yourself! We looked around and found some recipes that fit that state of mind perfectly. Don't forget to add the very important ingredient of a Savage Scorpion to each one before you drink it.  

The Drinks Business's website had some great wines and beers in the anti-Valentine's Day list that also contained the next two recipes. Definitely worth clicking on the links below and taking a look. 

Love …