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Guinness World Records Featuring Cocktails & Scorpions

You can find just about any topic you can imagine on the Guinness World Records website. The team at Savage Scorpions decided to look up a couple of our favorite things - alcohol and scorpions! We found some pretty cool stuff and decided to share it with you here in our blog.  First up, our favorite unique drink ingredient , the scorpion!  The Most Venomous Scorpions While Savage Scorpions are NOT dangerous to consume (they are quality processed and have their stingers removed) there are some scorpions in the wild that you definitely do not want to cross paths with.  For example, the most venomous scorpions currently alive are the fat-tailed scorpions. Of those, many different species rival each other in terms of the strength of their venom. This scary creature is the culprit in 90% of the deaths caused by scorpions in North Africa. (We prefer to be in a room with the safe Savage Scorpion inside our shot glass, thank you!)  The Earliest Arachnid Many people don't real

Big Game Sunday Drink Ideas For Your Football Party

The NFL Championships are coming up on Sunday, February 2, 2020, which is an excellent reason to plan a big bash with all of your friends. (Whether they are football fans or not!) Savage Scorpions are an easy way to take any party from ordinary to extraordinary and the drink ideas we've found for you in today's blog could make it even better.  A scorpion shot every time your team scores (or anytime you're bummed that they didn't!) is the simplest way to incorporate our unique drink ingredient into your menu. They also pair great with an ice-cold beer. For those of you that prefer to add them to a signature drink for your football-watching party, give these recipes a try.  Easy Rum Punch Recipe from  This year the Kansas City Chiefs are taking on the San Francisco 49ers for Sunday's big game. Red and gold happen to be the colors of both teams so serving a red punch means that opposing fans can both be happy!  Rum punches usually end

There Are So Many Ways to "Get Savage!" Try One of These...

When it comes to "getting savage" with Savage Scorpions , the possibilities are endless! The only limit is your own imagination. (But if you ever get stuck for ideas, we're always here to spark your creativity!) For example, here are a few of the ways you can enjoy our unique cocktail ingredient to get you started.  Shoot It Starting out with a scorpion shot is simple, quick, and a great introductory way to enjoy Savage Scorpions. They pair perfectly with any and every alcohol so no matter what your preferred shot is, these tasty treats will fit right in! Pour a shot, drop a Savage Scorpion inside, and then all that's left to do is decide whether you'll swallow it whole or chew it first when you shoot it. #HowSavageAreYou ?   Theme It  Signature cocktails are a great way to offer something special that customers can only get at your bar or restaurant. Signature drinks are also an excellent addition to any house party or special event that is worthy

More Savage Promo Ideas For Your Bar This Year (July-December)

Hopefully, last week's blog filled with Savage Promo Ideas For Your Bar This Year (January-June) got your creative juices flowing for a year full of awesome events and specials. Today, Savage Scorpions is here to help you continue planning fun ideas to bring more customers to your bar or restaurant during the second half of the year too.   JULY Celebrating the 4th of July is a must here in the U.S.A. and incorporating a bit of red, white, and blue into your signature drinks will add the festive fun you need. You could serve a frozen drink with Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, and a floater of Blue Curacao and then top it with a fruit garnish (like a ripe, red strawberry) with Savage Scorpions sitting on top with a mini American flag!  The month of July is also National Blueberry Month and National Picnic Month. Come up with weekly specialty cocktails featuring some type of blueberry-flavored liquor and then offer the entire month's worth of drinks at a special &quo

Savage Promo Ideas For Your Bar This Year (January-June)

Hosting special events throughout the year is an excellent way to get more customers into your bar or restaurant . Sometimes you need a gimmick to get the customers' attention in the first place. Once they're in the door, then your quality food and drinks and excellent customer service will keep them coming back time and time again.  Keeping things new and exciting also makes them want to hang out with you often and Savage Scorpions can help make that happen! Here are just a few ideas for special promos that you can feature January-June and we'll complete the year of ideas in next week's blog. This, of course, is just the beginning. When it comes to our unique drink ingredient , your creativity is the only limit (and we're always here for inspiration when you need it!)  JANUARY  While it's too late for this year, hosting a New Year's Day recovery brunch is a great idea to keep in mind for 2021. A few specialty Mimosas and Bloody Marys or even a Blo