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Delicious Drink Recipes for Toasting a Savage New Year!

One of the highlights of New Year's Eve is the midnight toast (followed of course, by that New Year's Eve kiss if you're lucky!) You could opt for simply popping a bottle of champagne, but where's the creativity in that?  End the year on an exciting note by incorporating a few signature Savage Scorpions cocktails into the festivities! (A few scorpion shots leading up to midnight will make it a very awesome evening too!) Here are some delicious recipes that you can whip up for a toast this New Year's Eve. Simply drop one of our unique drink ingredients into the glass when you're done mixing and you're all set!  Champagne Margaritas from Champagne is a New Year's Eve staple and, as we've mentioned many times before, margaritas are always a crowd-pleaser. Combine both beautifully with this recipe. Fill up the punch bowl and pop a Savage Scorpion into each glass before filling. YUM! Find the recipe here.   photo from www.D

5 Reasons Savage Scorpions Will Make Your Bar Better (& More Popular!)

All over the country, you'll find numerous bars and restaurants to choose from in every city. If you want to bring more customers into your bar or restaurant , you need something unique that sets you apart from all the rest. High-quality items and exceptional customer service are the best way to keep people coming back again and again. Adding Savage Scorpions to the menu is an excellent way to get them in the door in the first place!  There are many ways that our creative drink ingredient can give you the edge over the competition. Below we've listed a few tasty reasons why customers will flock to your bar to check out this exciting new offering.  They Are Fun & Exciting When a group comes into your bar or restaurant and they're obviously out for a fun night on the town, the chance to challenge each other to " shoot the scorpion " will definitely give them a night to remember! It's something out of the ordinary that is sure to bring cheers an

Unique Holiday Traditions - Start Your Own This Year!

Savage Scorpions are meant to add fun and excitement to traditional drinks, shots, and food items. (You know, make the more savage !) Traditional things can be great but adding a little something extra, like our creative drink ingredient , makes the experience a lot more enjoyable and memorable.    Around the holidays, you most likely have a few traditional things that you look forward to every year. Create a new annual holiday tradition by incorporating a  scorpion shot  or a brand new savage signature cocktail to your list of traditions. For some people that might seem a bit bizarre, but after taking a look at some of these unique holiday traditions from around the world, it won't seem so odd. Carve the Holiday... Radish? While here in the United States we carve pumpkins at Halloween, in Oaxaca, Mexico around Christmas time, they carve radishes! Originally store owners displayed beautifully carved radishes to entice passersby to come into their shops. Eventually, this wen

Delicious Drink Recipes for a "Savage" Holiday Party

If you're hosting any holiday parties this year, you'll need a few creative drink recipes to keep everyone in good holiday "spirits." It's always fun to serve a few themed drinks at a holiday gathering. Those drinks go from fun to exciting when you add Savage Scorpions  to the ingredients list!  Here are a few terrific cocktail ideas that your party guests are sure to love. Simply add one of our unique drink ingredients into the glass or on top of the garnish once you're done mixing and take your celebration to a whole new savage level!  Jingle Juice from No, we didn't say Jungle Juice, which is a well-known drink that a Savage Scorpion is perfectly at home in. In this case, a festive spin on the name gives us a cocktail that will have you hearing jingle bells in no time!  The flavors of mint, cranberry, and apple come together for a very tasty treat. This can be mixed up in one big batch in a punch bowl and all of the ingredients