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Fun Drinking Games to Play at the Bar or a House Party

With the holidays coming up, lots of parties and gatherings will be taking place. Whether you own an establishment where you want to bring more customers into your bar or restaurant  or you are an individual hosting a private party for friends, work, or an organization, you'll need a way to entertain the people joining you.  Savage Scorpions found a few fun ideas on how you can do that. With the addition of our creative cocktail garnish as one of the prizes, these games go from simply fun to absolutely savage!  For Bar Owners Games and contests are a fun way to draw attention to your venue. These can entice new customers to check you out and add excitement to the visits from your regulars.  Dice Night This could be a regular weekly happening at your bar or a game you feature during special events. The basic rules are very simple. A customer rolls a pair of dice and is given the prize attached to the value of those dice that you have set ahead of time. From there, you h

All About Whiskey

There's something appealing about a glass of whiskey to warm you up once the weather gets cold. Equally as taste-tempting is a good bourbon or scotch, which technically are both still a type of whiskey.  Whiskey comes in many forms and is even sometimes spelled without the "e" for regional reasons that some people are very particular about.  Confused? No need to be. Savage Scorpions is here to point out a few of the differences for you. Whiskey    Whiskey is made from fermented grain mash. Different types of grains may be used, and some of those may be malted. These include barley, corn, rye, and wheat. It is typically aged in wooden casks.  It is generally placed in different classes by the types of fermentation, distillation, and aging. Whiskey does not mature in the bottle, only in the cask. Each country has its own regulations for classifying the different types of whiskey.  Here in the United States, some types include: Bourbon Whiskey (more below) Cor

Delicious Drink Recipes For Thanksgiving Dinner

Food immediately comes to mind when someone mentions Thanksgiving, but you've got to serve something to wash all those delicious dishes down with too! In case you have a lot of people sitting around your Thanksgiving table, or if you just happen to be spending the holiday with people that can drink a lot, Savage Scorpions found a few cocktail recipes that can be made in bulk. Get out those punch bowls, line up the Savage Scorpions to pop into each glass before serving, and get ready to mix!  Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria from (serves 8)  2 apples, peeled, cored, and thinly sliced 1/2-cup cognac 2 cups apple cider 750 ml bottle cava (or other dry sparkling wine) chilled 1/4-cup pomegranate seeds 1) Add the apples to a large pitcher reserving about 1/2-cup for garnishing. Add the cognac, apple cider, and chilled cava. Stir. 2) Fill the pitcher with ice. Pour the sangria into glasses filled with ice and top with sliced apple and pomegranate seeds. 

Savage Scorpions Make the Ordinary More Fun!

Occasionally, even things that you enjoy can get a bit monotonous. It can be tough to come up with a new spin that someone you know hasn't already thought of. That's where Savage Scorpions can help you out. They can be used for a lot more than just a new and exciting shot idea . Here are a few ways that Savage Scorpions can add some "new" to your "ordinary."   Savage Theme Party Scorpion-chic is not a common party theme, but with our unique cocktail garnish , now it can be! If you happen to be throwing a birthday party for a Scorpio, then it's a theme party idea that you definitely need to carry out!  A Savage Scorpion can be placed on the top of each cupcake, adding both the perfect decoration and a tasty treat to dessert. For a buffet setup, you could place a scorpion or two on each dish. Both the words "savage" and "scorpion" can be placed into the name of a cocktail to create a signature drink with one of our Savage Scorp

A Savage Martini Debate - Vodka or Gin?

Martini drinkers have very savage opinions about what the main ingredient in a martini should be. Both vodka and gin attempt to claim this cocktail as their own. There are strong arguments for each side of this debate.  One thing we know for sure is that adding a Savage Scorpion to any martini makes it a whole lot more exciting! Beyond that, use the following information to make up your own mind about which liquor is best for the perfect martini.  Gin The original recipe for a martini included gin and vermouth, so many would argue that since it came first, the gin martini is the one that should claim ownership of this particular cocktail. By 1922 this mixed drink reached its most recognizable form using London dry gin and dry vermouth stirred in a shaker with ice rather than shaken and strained into a chilled cocktail glass.  Over time, the 2:1 ratio of gin to vermouth was slowly changed to feature more gin and less vermouth, with many leaving out the latter altogether. Engl