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Your Creativity Is The Limit

No matter what day of the week it is, whether it’s Sunday Funday, Margarita Monday,  Taco Tuesday , Wine Wenesday,  Thirsty Thursday , or so on, one thing we do know is that you can make any day more enjoyable with a  Savage Scorpion . Maybe you’re not a shot person, that’s okay! Savage Scorpions are extremely universal and can also be used in signature drinks (or any drink for that matter) or even in food dishes! Your creativity is the limit. This week we wanted to share a few of our favorite ways to use  Savage Scorpions .  Check them out below and don’t forget to order your Savage Scorpions! BLOOD MARY If you like to brunch on the weekends than we have something for you! Why not spice up your Bloody Mary even more with a Savage Scorpion . Did you even brunch if you didn’t enjoy a Bloody Mary or three? We don’t think so. Whether you like yours spicy or more mild, any Blood Mary will benefit from a Savage Scorpion. Your friends will be envious too. BEER Mexican beer

Margarita Madness

Spring has officially sprung and now is the time to start preparing for spring break and of course, summer. The weather is going to start to warm up and days will be spent at the beach or out on the lake. What better way to get into the spirit than with some fun margarita recipes? Savage Scorpions did some research and found a few margaritas that are sure to be a hit this spring and summer. While we only picked a few, there are 28 margarita recipes to choose from. If you want to check out the others, follow this link:   Don’t forget to add Savage Scorpions to these awesome margaritas. Savage Scorpions are a great way to make an ordinary drink extraordinary. If you are looking for ways to increase bar revenue , check out Savage Scorpions. They can be added to shots, specialty drinks, or even food items. Your creativity is your limit. Margarita Recipes Frozen Mango Margarit

Tips For Creating The Ultimate Drink Menu Part 2

Last week we started a list of helpful tips to keep in mind when creating or revamping your drink menu. This week, Savage Scorpions is rounding out the list and we hope you find these hints helpful! If you’re looking for ways to increase revenue at a bar , Savage Scorpions may be what you’re looking for. From shots to signature drinks, Savage Scorpions can spice up any drink.   Strategically Think About Prices The first thing you need to make sure you do is to include the price of each drink on your drink menu. There’s nothing worse than ordering a drink that doesn’t have its price listed. Some people won’t order a second drink without knowing the price. It’s also a great idea to list drinks from most expensive to least expensive. This can lead to most people choosing the most expensive drink or beer. Another helpful tip is to not include the dollar sign with your prices. Just list the price with decimals on your drink menu.   Focus On Creative Cocktail Names The names of

Tips For Creating Your Drink Menu

When you own a bar, whether it’s a swanky lounge in the heart of New York, or it’s the best lakefront bar , there is one thing you absolutely need. And that’s a successful drink menu. If you’re looking for ways to improve bar revenue or ways to bring in new clientele to a bar, Savage Scorpions could be your secret weapon. Each bar has it’s own signature drink, but why not take your signature drink or menu to the next level and incorporate Savage Scorpions? Keep these tips in mind whether you’re creating your first drink menu or you are revamping a current menu. Keep Your Clientele In Mind One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating your drink menu is your customers. Your drink menu should cater to your customers and their likes and dislikes. Research is important. Find out what types of people are coming into your bar and their reason for visiting. Are they there for a quick lunch with coworkers or friends, is your bar the place where people come to hang

Spirits That Pair Best With Savage Scorpions Part 2

Last week we listed a few top spirits that pair well with Savage Scorpions . This week, we are rounding out our list. No matter how you like to drink your preferred spirit, Savage Scorpions can enhance any cocktail. If you’ve been looking for ways to increase revenue at a bar , check out Savage Scorpions! From shots, beer, creative cocktails, and even food items, Savage Scorpions can be incorporated in many different ways. Your creativity is the limit.  Tequila While many people may think so, tequila is not actually cactus juice. Tequila is distilled from blue Weber agave. Just like Champagne or cognac, tequila can only be made in a certain region. That region consists of the Mexican state of Jalisco and some surrounding areas. The soil in this region is perfect for growing the blue agave. This plant takes between eight and 12 years to reach maturity before it can be harvested. How It’s Made The heart of the plant, which can weigh well over 100 pounds, is peeled, roast