Savage Ingredients for Drinks that Glow in the Dark!

Glow parties are eye-catching and fun, and when you can make the drinks that you're serving glow like a part of the decor, your bash will be a whole lot more savage! No unsafe chemicals are needed to make this happen because there are plenty of everyday mixers that already glow in the dark drink ingredients

As a matter of fact, Savage Scorpions make an excellent glow in the dark drink ingredient or cocktail garnish that naturally glows under ultraviolet lights. This isn't due to anything we have done to them. Scorpions actually do this in nature already! All we do is quality process them, remove the stingers, and package them up nice and neat to be added to all of your scorpion's shots and signature drinks.   

As for the beverage itself, here are a few mix-ins that can easily and deliciously be added to any clear liquor to create an incredible glowing effect for a glow party that people will get excited about. 

Any cocktail mixed with tonic water will glow a bright, brilliant blue under a black light. The quinine found in the tonic, although it is a small amount, is what makes the liquid glow this gorgeous color. 

Tonic & Cranberry
Cranberry juice alone will not make a drink glow, but when it's mixed in with tonic water, that bright blue will change to a reddish or purple tone. 

Energy Drinks with B Vitamins
The more B vitamins in an energy drink, the brighter it will glow. This mixer turns a fantastic bright yellow under ultraviolet lights. (Tonic and this type of energy drink are by far the brightest glowing mixers to use in a cocktail.) Adding a touch of blue food coloring or possibly some blue curacao will turn the effect to a nice green color.  

Clear Soft Drinks
Any clear soda will appear to glow under black lights because of the bubbles. The carbonation reflects the light in a way that will give your drink a slight glowing look. 

Milk & Ice Cream
White foods and beverages will glow under ultraviolet light like a pale yellow. This could come in handy if you're throwing a summer party and serving frozen Pina Coladas.    

Most foods don't exactly glow under black lights but instead reflect light back in a way that may appear a bright blue or purple. Pineapples are a great example. (The yellow inside, not the shell on the outside.) A honey or caramel drizzle inside or around the rim of a glass can give a glowing effect. The white from marshmallows or marshmallow creme works well too. 

And of course, as we mentioned earlier, Savage Scorpions are the most exciting ingredient that naturally glows in the dark under ultraviolet lights! As a matter of fact, this unique gourmet ingredient can be used to add excitement to the foods you serve at the party too. The only limit to how you can use Savage Scorpions is your own imagination! (And if yours is stuck, we've always got a few great ideas in our weekly blogs to help you get creative!) 

It's easy to order Savage Scorpions online through our website. They come in containers of either 50 or 100. Order yours today and start planning a glow party to put all of the other glow parties to shame! 

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