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Excitement Happens When You Add Savage Scorpions to the Menu at a Bar or Restaurant!

Finding new and unique ways to bring more customers into a bar or restaurant is constantly on a venue owner's mind. One of the most creative and incredibly unique ways to do this is to add Savage Scorpions to the drink menu. As a matter of fact, they can even be added to the food menu too.  Keeping customers intrigued by the foods and drinks you have to offer is an excellent way to get them coming back again and again to see what new excitement you have in store. Scorpion shots are just the beginning of what you can do with our unique drink ingredient . The only limit to how they can be used is your own imagination!  Just what makes these Savage Scorpions special enough to get your customers excited? Lots of things! Let us tell you about a few.  They Are Unique More than likely your customers won't get the chance to "shoot the scorpion" anyplace else in town. Once other venues hear how excited people are about your new menu item, they may want to jum

Basic Bartending Terms Everyone Should Know

Whether you mix drinks for a living or simply want to look like an expert in front of your friends, knowing a few bartending basics will make it all much easier. As a matter of fact, knowing a few simple details about how to order a drink can even make you a better customer too.  Savage Scorpions has gathered some common cocktail terms for you in today's blog. After this, you'll be well on your way to sounding like a pro.  Savage - The absolute best way to order any drink, in our humble opinion! Simply add a Savage Scorpion to your cocktail or enjoy a shooter as a scorpion shot . Neat - Liquor poured out of the bottle into a glass without ice and served at room temperature.  Up - aka Straight Up, A drink that is chilled with ice but poured into the glass without the ice.  Dirty - A drink, usually a martini, with olive juice added.  Frosted - A glass that has been dipped in water and chilled. It makes the drink cold without watering it down.  On the Rocks -

Popular Mardi Gras Traditions & Two Savage Drinks

For the year 2020, Mardi Gras, aka Fat Tuesday, lands on February 25 but most people around the country take advantage of the entire month of February leading up to that day to celebrate! There are lots of fun and festive traditions surrounding this holiday as well as many savage cocktail recipes that are absolutely delicious. Savage Scorpions has pulled together a few fun facts about Mardi Gras in today's blog to get you in the party spirit.  Drink Up! Fat Tuesday is when people take advantage of enjoying lots of rich food & drinks before the ritual of fasting begins for Lent. Below we have featured two of the drinks that are most associated with the celebration of Mardi Gras   Sazerac Many refer to this drink as New Orleans' version of the Old Fashioned. Quite a few people swear this was one of the very first cocktails made! The Louisiana legislature has officially named the Sazerac as New Orleans official cocktail. The original recipe consisted of cognac, a

Valentine's Day AND Anti-Valentine's Day Cocktail Ideas

February 14 brings us Valentine's Day every year. If you're in love, then it may be a day you look forward to. On the other hand, if you're single this year, you may have no desire to celebrate the holiday at all.  Savage Scorpions found some savagely delicious cocktail ideas online that can be enjoyed on Valentine's Day by everyone! Half of these are geared toward the people that are looking forward to sharing a few signature cocktails with special someone. The other half of the drink recipes are meant for everyone else that will be drinking with platonic friends this year instead.  Your favorite liquor, a great cocktail recipe, and a few Savage Scorpions are all you need whether you "love" February 14 or will be celebrating Anti-Valentine's Day in its place. Try a few of these tasty mixes.  😍 YAY to Valentine's Day  💘 Pomegranate Mimosas From  The pomegranate has a reputation for being an aphrodisiac. In Greek mythology