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Unique Holiday Traditions That You Might Find Fun... or Even Savage!

Savage Scorpions are meant to add fun and excitement to an otherwise ordinary drink, shot, or food item. Traditional things are great, but adding a little something extra, like our creative cocktail garnish, makes the experience just a bit more savage! 

For instance, you probably have holiday traditions that you take part in annually this time of year. You can still enjoy those while adding to them with a new tradition. We've got some savage ideas on that subject below, but first, we thought we'd take a look at some unique holiday traditions from around the world to inspire you. 

Spiderweb Tree Decorations
Since we are fond of scorpions, finding a tradition involving spiders seemed very intriguing to us. In Ukraine, people decorate their Christmas trees with elaborate spiderweb designs. The tradition stems from folklore about a poor family that grew their own Christmas tree from a pinecone. 

The children got very excited about the idea of decorating the tree as it grew, but unfort…

Savage Cocktail Recipes for Your Holiday Parties

If you're hosting a holiday party where a bar will be present, you'll definitely want to have the basics on hand so that you can make the most commonly ordered drinks. It's always fun to have a few special drinks to serve at your holiday party available also to add something unique to the celebration. 

Simply having Savage Scorpions available as a creative cocktail garnish or a savagely unique shot ingredient is one way to get creative with your beverage station. They pair perfectly with any type of alcohol, and as a matter of fact, they're even great for adding that "something extra" to the food you are serving! 

Here are a few ideas for some signature cocktails you might want to serve your party guests over the holidays. Just add a Savage Scorpion to the ingredient list of each one and you're all set! 

Ginger Bell Cocktail

2 ounces bourbon2 sprigs of fresh mint1/2 lemon, cut into discs2-inch piece freshly-skinned ginger, cut into small piees1 b…