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Labor Day Weekend Cocktail Inspiration

With Labor Day falling on September 7 this year, we've almost made it to Labor Day Weekend! It's been an odd year so far, for sure, so a holiday weekend celebration sounds like a good excuse for a much-needed happy distraction.  Savage Scorpions pulled together a few interesting Labor Day drink recipes that fit this holiday weekend nicely. We've linked the full recipes after each description. The only thing you need to add on your own to take these cocktails from ordinary to extraordinary is a few of our gourmet edible scorpions as either a garnish or an added ingredient. It's not necessary, but it sure makes things a lot more interesting!  Sparkling Watermelon Punch from Holiday weekends often mean gathering with friends and family in the backyard. Punches are excellent for mixing drinks for everyone all at once. Even if you're just hanging out with a couple of people, having a punch pre-mixed means less mixing later because it's already

20 Fun Facts About Scorpions That Are Savagely Awesome

The scorpion is a very intriguing creature but unless you've been given a reason to learn about them, chances are that you probably haven't given them much thought. The team at Savage Scorpions is a bit obsessed with them. (As we rightly should be!)   Beyond being a very unique and creative drink ingredient , there are all kinds of awesome fun facts about scorpions out there. Today, we've got 20 interesting tidbits to share with you. Some about scorpions themselves, a few nutritional facts, plus even more about our special brand in particular.  10 SCORPION FACTS #1 - They're nearly everywhere. - They can currently be found on every continent except for Antarctica. #2 - They've been around a while. - Scorpions are the oldest arachnids for which fossils are known. They were the first arachnid fossils to be found in the Paleozoic strata. #3 - Insects or spiders? - Scorpions are not insects but rather classified as Arachnida, making them a distant cous

Offer a Fun, Exciting, & Unique Experience by Offering Savage Scorpions at Your Bar

Knowing how to get your bar or restaurant noticed by customers in the first place is important for building a business. Keeping those customers coming back over and over is even more important. One way to do that is to offer new and exciting additions to your menu, giving your guests an experience they can get excited about.  Putting Savage Scorpions on the menu is an easy way to do just that! These edible scorpions can be used in a wide variety of ways, are a great attention-getter, and will have people talking about how awesome your place is. Need a bit more convincing? Here are 5 excellent reasons that Savage Scorpions need to be on your menu.  They Offer a Unique Experience When you ask someone if they have ever eaten (or drank) a scorpion, more than likely their answer will be no. It's not something you see offered in many places.  When you add our creative drink ingredient to your bar or restaurant's menu, you're giving your customers the chance for an e

Savage Scorpions + Beer? Oh... YES!

International Beer Day happens in August on the 7th, which got us all here at Savage Scorpions wondering which beers would pair best with our edible gourmet scorpions . Thinking more about that, we realized it was a silly question because ALL beers, as well as all liquors, pair perfectly with our unique drink ingredient ! (They are great added to foods too!)  While you can easily add a Savage Scorpion to your beer of choice, the hard part is figuring out just which beer to start with. There are so many deliciously different types available, especially if you have a good craft brewery nearby. For those of you fairly new to drinking beer, or anyone longing to extend their palate beyond the average light beer, here's a cheat sheet that should give you a better idea of how some of the different types of beer may taste.   Lager Lagers are often the first beer a person will try. Most of the biggest brand names are this type. They are known for their refreshing crispness. America