A Year's Worth of Savage Scorpion Promo Ideas For Your Bar (July-December)

We hope that last week's blog featuring A Year's Worth of Savage Scorpion Promo Ideas for January-June inspired you and got those creative juices flowing. Today we've got some more fun ideas for the second half of the year. Put them all together and you've got a year's worth of ways to get more customers into your bar or restaurant

You can't pass up celebrating the 4th of July and your party should include a Savage Scorpion cocktail that is red, white, & blue. Possibly a frozen drink with Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, and a floater of Blue Curacao. We don't know if you can fit a tiny little American flag in a Savage Scorpion's claw and perch it on top of the drink, but if you manage it, we would LOVE to see a photo!    

The month of July is also National Blueberry Month and National Picnic Month, so come up with a blueberry cocktail or shot and plan an outdoor party complete with blankets on the ground and possibly a cookout. That cookout could easily include Savage Scorpions as a hot dog condiment! The end of July contains National Tequila Day too, and that's an easy one to highlight. 

August can be filled with "End of Summer" events for everyone and "Back to School" parties for the college crowd. Feature your best-selling summertime drinks with a Savage Scorpion inside. 

Push the school colors of the colleges nearest you or a popular college team in your town through food, drink, and shot specials. This is a great time to throw a glow-in-the-dark event to bring in the college kids. Since our scorpions glow naturally under UV lighting, they will add to the overall awesome look of the party.  

This month the weather (in most parts of the country at least) will begin getting chillier as fall approaches. This is a great time to feature whiskey scorpion shots to warm everyone up. You could even use some of the popular apple whiskeys on the market to tie into the apple-cinnamon flavor of the season. Speaking of seasonal flavors, no one can resist pumpkin spice, so that might be a great way to finally get a few of the less savage customers to step up and finally try a Savage Scorpion!  

You can dedicate the entire month of October to Halloween. It's a holiday that people love to go out for and a great excuse to dress up in costume and "be someone else." There's a great chance the person they're pretending to be is savage enough to shoot the scorpion! 

One week offer Bloody Marys, which have the perfect name for a Halloween special already unless you want to change it to "Bloody Scorpions" to promote the unique difference. Dark & Stormys with dark rum, lime juice, and ginger beer are good and spooky, and once you add the scorpion it's a "Dark & Savage Storm!"

The sign of Scorpio goes to anyone born October 23-November 21. Savage Scorpions are the PERFECT item and an obvious choice to feature at a Scorpio party! This one should definitely feature glow-in-the-dark elements too because that is one of the natural traits of the creature the sign gets its name from. 

Later in the month, Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend give you a wonderful excuse to host an event. You can stress the fact that the family your customers have been "forced" to hang out with over the holiday "won't be there," unless of course, they are savagely cool. In that case, tell them to bring those family members along with them! 

December is "Savage Santa" time! (You know, instead of Secret Santa!) If you have a space in your bar or restaurant that can be rented out for private events, this time of year is a great opportunity to bring a lot of those parties into your venue. 

Letting people know that you have your own signature drinks for their company parties or holiday gathering of friends can set you apart from other venues. When you throw in the very unique offering of Savage Scorpions added to the mix, that's something they can get from you that they probably can't get anywhere else in town.

So, how many Savage Scorpions can we send your way? Just like we mentioned last week, when people go to a bar, it's usually because they are looking for some fun and an exciting night out. Our creative cocktail garnish and unique scorpion shots are a surefire way to bring extra excitement to any night out. Create a reason for people to join you from the list above or come up with your own, display the question #HowSavageAreYou, and then sit back and watch the crowds come in!  

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