Draw More Customers To Your Bar With Savage Scorpions (It's So Easy!)

If you have been looking for some creative ways to bring more customers into your bar or restaurant, we've got a very simple solution for you - Savage Scorpions! They don't take up a lot of space, they are easy to order, there are all kinds of different and exciting ways to offer them, and best of all, they will get people talking about your place! 

Here are a few examples of why you should add our unique drink ingredient to the menu at your bar or restaurant. 

They Are Fun, Exciting, and Unique

When you ask someone if they have ever eaten (or drank) a scorpion, more than likely their answer will be no. It's not something you see offered in many places. 

When you add Savage Scorpions to the menu, you're giving your customers the chance for an extremely unique experience they probably cannot get anywhere else nearby. If they want to be able to tell their friends that they "shot the scorpion," they'll have to come to your place to do that.

Using Savage Scorpions to create a signature drink is a wonderful way to get customers excited about trying out some new cocktails. To make these gourmet ingredients even more fun, Savage Scorpions glow naturally under ultraviolet light! Just imagine the excitment you can generate showing off that fact!  

They Are Hard To Resist

The most popular way to utilize Savage Scorpions is to serve scorpion shots. You can also simply offer the chance to purchase them as an add-on to any cocktail, but your drinks will get more attention if you come up with your own drink recipe and a cool name that people will remember. 

Create drinks for your Signature Scorpion Cocktail Menu that offer a variety of ingredients to cover as many different customers' tastes as possible. That way, no matter what a person's favorite adult beverage may be, they should be able to find something irresistible on that drink menu. Also, simply adding the phrase #HowSavageAreYou is a dare most cannot resist. (At least, the fun people can't resist that!)  

They Get People Talking

Anyone that gives our Savage Scorpions a try, or can talk their friends into doing it, are going to want to tell the world about the experience. Expect more than a few photos of the event shared across lots of different social media channels.

Getting their photo taken and shared on your own business page could be a perk you offer for ordering a menu item with a Savage Scorpion in it. (When you share those, be sure to tag us too so that we can see how much fun everyone is having at your place with our product!)

You won't only be getting attention on social media because everyone will be telling the tales of their night out at your place for weeks to come and probably even longer! Word of mouth is an incredible (and FREE) tool that will help you bring new customers into your bar or restaurant. 

They Make Great "Snacks" Too

Savage Scorpions can also help you invent gourmet foods for your menu that cannot be ordered at any other bar or restaurant in the area. Take an ordinary menu item, such as nachos or pizza, and make it more intriguing to order by placing our delicious scorpions on top as specialty ingredients. They are also perfect for adding to gourmet entrees, giving that extra-something-special that most kitchens don't offer.

They Are Easy To Order

If you are convinced that Savage Scorpions is the "new exciting thing" that you've been looking for, we would love to get an order shipped out to you right away! Simply order Savage Scorpions online through our website.

These incredible attention grabbers are available in either 50-count or 100-count containers. Each scorpion is 3 cm-4 cm long and is quality processed with the stingers removed. They will only take up a small space in your inventory but offer you some big possibilities for pleasing your customers.

The sooner you bring Savage Scorpions to your customers, the sooner they'll get to enjoy the thrill and excitement that this simple little ingredient can bring. Also, the sooner they shoot the scorpion, the sooner they'll be talking about your place to everyone that they know, which means that soon you will increase the revenue of your bar or restaurant with both new and returning customers. Everybody wins! 

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