Tell Us - How You Drink Your Savage Scorpions?

When it comes to enjoying Savage Scorpions, the possibilities are endless. The only limit is your own imagination. Once our unique drink ingredient arrives, there are quite a few ways that you can incorporate them into your favorite liquor and, as a matter of fact, they make an excellent gourmet food ingredient too.

If our edible scorpions are new to you, you may be stumped about exactly how to get started. To get you going, here are few things to consider. 

To Chew or Not To Chew?

The most popular way to enjoy Savage Scorpions is in a shot glass along with your favorite liquor. They pair perfectly with any type of alcohol, so no matter what your shooter of choice may be, it will be made that much more exciting when you drop one of our tasty little creatures into the glass.

So, do you chew the scorpion or not? This is a debate among many taking a scorpion shot. One way to do it is to drink the entire contents of the glass in one big gulp, letting the scorpion slide down your throat in one piece.

Of course, for the more daring, you can savor the moment by chomping down on the Savage Scorpion before swallowing it. That's the best way to make the magical moment last a little longer and show how truly savage you can be! It's all up to the drinker but both ways get the job done nicely. 

Before, During, or After the Cocktail?

Savage Scorpions are wonderful as a cocktail garnish and as an ingredient in a signature drink too. If you've incorporated it on the drink as a creative and unique cocktail garnish, then it's easy to pop the scorpion into your mouth before you've even taken a drink or save it until you're a few sips in.

Another option is to pop the scorpion into the glass with all of the other drink ingredients. Then you can drink it whenever it happens to make its way to your mouth or save it to enjoy with the last drop of your drink! A magnificently savage finale!

Don't Drink It... Eat It!

For those of you savage enough to chew the scorpion, consider adding it to food instead. Once again, your creativity is the only limit.

Tacos and nachos taste great with a bit of extra "crunch" added. Pizzas can be topped with all kinds of different ingredients, so a Savage Scorpion isn't really out of the ordinary but still different enough to impress your friends. You might even want to save them for dessert and top your ice cream with a scorpion instead of a regular old cherry or make them a fun cupcake topper!

So... how do you plan to drink/eat your Savage Scorpions? Maybe you can serve them a few different to discover which way people enjoy them the most.

You can order Savage Scorpions online in either 50-count or 100-count containers, giving you plenty to play around with until you find a favorite way to serve them. After all, half the fun is in the journey!

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