How Many Ways Can You Get Savage With Savage Scorpions? (We're Still Counting...)

When it comes to "getting savage" with Savage Scorpions, the possibilities are endless! The only limit is your own imagination, but if you're ever stumped for ideas on how to use our creative drink ingredient, we're always here to inspire you. 

We don't have room in this blog to list every single way that our edible scorpions can take your night from ordinary to extraordinary that we've discovered so far. We have, however, listed a few ideas to get your own savagely creative juices flowing. 

Shoot The Scorpion
Starting out with a scorpion shot is simple, quick, and a great introductory way to enjoy Savage Scorpions. They pair perfectly with any and every alcohol so no matter what your preferred shot is, these tasty treats will fit right in! Pour a shot, drop a Savage Scorpion inside, and then all that's left to do is decide whether you'll swallow it whole or chew it first when you shoot it. #HowSavageAreYou?

Mix the Scorpion In
Signature cocktails are a great way to offer something special that customers can only get at your bar or restaurant. Signature drinks are also an excellent addition to any house party or special event that is worthy of its own personal cocktail. 

The simplest way to your own signature cocktail is to offer your favorite drink with our creative drink ingredient added to the recipe and put the word "savage" in front of it. For example, try our "Savage Margarita" or pour yourself a "Savage Long Island Tea." With a little thought, a dash of creativity, and some practice you'll be able to get much more unique than that!

Garnish with the Scorpion
While Savage Scorpions are fun to use as a main ingredient, they also make a unique drink garnish to display outside of the drink rather than dropped inside it. As a garnish, the scorpion is prominently displayed on a fruity backdrop to make your cocktail look even more enticing. It also gives the drinker a chance to either save their Savage Scorpion for a delicious finale after the last sip or go ahead and pop it into their mouth before they start drinking.

Dine on the Scorpion
We're not talking about chewing rather than just swallowing your scorpion shot in this case. You can also use our Savage Scorpions as a gourmet food ingredient on an appetizer or main dish instead of inside a beverage.

They add a nice extra "crunch" to tacos or nachos, are an exciting pizza topping, and easily take any regular dish from ordinary to gourmet. Save the "best for last" and pop it on top of a few cupcakes. Once again, the possibilities are endless!

Spotlight the Scorpion
FUN FACT: Scorpions naturally glow under UV lighting! A great party idea is to host a glow-in-the-dark bash and serve Savage Scorpions on both the food and the drinks. Not only will the decorations be shining bright but your refreshments will too! It's definitely the type of impressive event people will be talking about for a very long time.

Be Inspired By the Scorpion
Everyone loves a themed party or event. Savage Scorpions can help you add to the excitement to a theme and in some cases, even inspire the theme itself.

You could host a "sign" party for Scorpios or a glow party that highlight these tasty creatures marvelously. Holidays are another excellent excuse to theme an event and the menu to go with it.

Simply come up with a drink name that matches whatever you are celebrating. Maybe you could create a "Sensuous Scorpion" for a bachelorette party or serve a "Luck o' the Scorpion" drink on St. Patrick's Day. Halloween is an easy one, because "Bloody Marys" are always more impressive with a unique garnish and the name is already a perfect holiday fit for All Hallows Eve!

Do you have a favorite way to get savage with Savage Scorpions? If not yet, then start thinking! It's easy to order Savage Scorpions online through our website. 

These quality processed, stingers-removed, edible scorpions come in 50-count and 100-count containers. That should be plenty for you to try a few things out. Then, when you're ready to share your savage creations, well, you may need to order a few more because everyone you know is going to want to give them a try! 

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