Savage Scorpions + Beer? Oh... YES!

International Beer Day happens in August on the 7th, which got us all here at Savage Scorpions wondering which beers would pair best with our edible gourmet scorpions. Thinking more about that, we realized it was a silly question because ALL beers, as well as all liquors, pair perfectly with our unique drink ingredient! (They are great added to foods too!) 

While you can easily add a Savage Scorpion to your beer of choice, the hard part is figuring out just which beer to start with. There are so many deliciously different types available, especially if you have a good craft brewery nearby. For those of you fairly new to drinking beer, or anyone longing to extend their palate beyond the average light beer, here's a cheat sheet that should give you a better idea of how some of the different types of beer may taste.  

Lagers are often the first beer a person will try. Most of the biggest brand names are this type. They are known for their refreshing crispness. American lagers are light in flavor and in alcohol content.

India Pale Ales (IPA) cover a wide variety of styles of beer. They get characteristics largely from hops and other flavors that can be herbal, citrus, or fruity. The type of hops used will greatly influence the final product and is usually very prominent.

Depending on the other ingredients, IPAs can range from pure citrus in flavor to strong and bitter. IPA varieties include West Coast IPA, British IPA, and New England Style IPA. You will most likely need to try quite a few before settling on a preferred style.

Pale Ale
These can be a bit easier to drink than most IPAs. Pale Ales are usually hoppy but the alcohol content is lower. Expect a malty, medium-bodied flavor. Varieties of this type include American amber ale, American pale ale, blonde ale, and English pale ale.

Falling under the lager category, this type originates from the Czech Republic. A German pilsner will have a crisp flavor and be golden in color. The Czech pilsner is a bit darker than the German version and is likely to have a more prominent bitter taste.

Stouts are a dark beer, giving the impression that it will be tough to drink. On the contrary, they carry a sweetness from unfermented sugars that offsets the bitterness. The actual flavor of a stout will vary depending on where it was brewed.

Ireland and England are known for sweet stouts that are low in bitterness. These slightly roasty ales should be full-bodied with a sweetness that can suggest coffee and cream. American stouts are typically strong, highly roasted, bitter, and hoppy. Often a high malt flavor present gives them a taste of coffee or dark chocolate.

This beer is also dark from ingredients like dark-roasted malts or chocolate. You're likely to get less of a coffee flavor from a porter than a stout but more of a chocolatey feel.

The main malt ingredient in this type of beer is, obviously, wheat. It gives the drink a light color and alcohol level. Adding a slice of lemon or orange adds a nice flavor and wheat beers are typically good for combining with a fruit flavor.

Just as the name suggests, these are incredibly tart. Expect a marriage of sweet and sour with additions of fruits like cherry, raspberry, or peach.

Your favorite local bar should have at least a few of these different types of beer for you to try. They may not have our unique drink garnish behind the bar yet though. Be sure to tell them to order Savage Scorpions online so that the next time you're expanding your beer palate you can make the drink a little more savage too! 

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