Offer a Fun, Exciting, & Unique Experience by Offering Savage Scorpions at Your Bar

Knowing how to get your bar or restaurant noticed by customers in the first place is important for building a business. Keeping those customers coming back over and over is even more important. One way to do that is to offer new and exciting additions to your menu, giving your guests an experience they can get excited about. 

Putting Savage Scorpions on the menu is an easy way to do just that! These edible scorpions can be used in a wide variety of ways, are a great attention-getter, and will have people talking about how awesome your place is. Need a bit more convincing? Here are 5 excellent reasons that Savage Scorpions need to be on your menu. 

They Offer a Unique Experience
When you ask someone if they have ever eaten (or drank) a scorpion, more than likely their answer will be no. It's not something you see offered in many places. 

When you add our creative drink ingredient to your bar or restaurant's menu, you're giving your customers the chance for an extremely unique experience they probably cannot get anywhere else nearby. If they want to be able to tell their friends that they "shot the scorpion," they'll have to come to your place to do that. 

They Are Very Versatile
A scorpion shot is probably the most popular way for our Savage Scorpions to be served because it's easy to make and goes down quickly for the drinker. (Giving them less time to chicken out!) Our Savage Scorpions pair perfectly with any type of alcohol, so whatever you happen to be serving, dropping a scorpion into the glass is a great fit. 

They can also be dropped into a mixed drink or specialty cocktail for an end-of-drink treat and these edible scorpions even make a very cool looking drink garnish, perched atop a slice of fruit. 

You don't just have to limit them to the drink menu because Savage Scorpions also work wonderfully as a gourmet food ingredient. We've seen them used impressively on pizza, nachos, and tacos but they could easily be used in some creative ways on plated entrees as well.  

They Add Fun & Excitement
Any group out looking for an eventful night on the town is usually up for an adventure. When they see Savage Scorpions on your menu, it's going to be very hard for them to resist the opportunity. And of course, if one person in the group is up for the challenge of proving just how "savage" they are, it's very likely that the rest of the group will want to join in the fun too. 

Oh, and we can't forget one very unique feature about Savage Scorpions - they glow in the dark! Scorpions in the wild naturally glow when placed under ultraviolet lighting. We didn't have to do anything extra to make this cool party trick happen. We do quality process them and remove the stingers, but the glowing is just a naturally savage element of this cool creature. 

They Get People Talking
Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools there is. (Plus, it's free!) When someone orders a drink or food item with a Savage Scorpion on it, it's bound to get some extra attention from other customers when that order comes out. 

The savage person that ordered the item, as well as anyone that is there with them, will be anxious to tell everyone they know about this awesome experience. This most likely means quite a few photos shared on social media, meaning word about your bar or restaurant will be in front of tons of new possible customers.   

They Are Easy For You To Order
If you are convinced that Savage Scorpions is the perfect new menu item to bring more customers into your bar or restaurant, we can get an order shipped out to you right away! Simply order Savage Scorpions online easily through our website. 

These incredible attention grabbers are available in either 50-count or 100-count containers. Each scorpion is 3 cm-4 cm long. That will only take up a small space in your inventory but offer you some big possibilities for pleasing your customers. 

If you're ready to bring this fun, exciting, and unique element to your bar or restaurant, order your Savage Scorpions today! When it comes to ways to serve them, your only limit is your own imagination. (And we're always here for inspiration if you need a bit of help!) The more ways you come up with to serve Savage Scorpions, all the more reasons people will have to keep coming back to try them again and again. 

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