20 Fun Facts About Scorpions That Are Savagely Awesome

The scorpion is a very intriguing creature but unless you've been given a reason to learn about them, chances are that you probably haven't given them much thought. The team at Savage Scorpions is a bit obsessed with them. (As we rightly should be!)  

Beyond being a very unique and creative drink ingredient, there are all kinds of awesome fun facts about scorpions out there. Today, we've got 20 interesting tidbits to share with you. Some about scorpions themselves, a few nutritional facts, plus even more about our special brand in particular. 


#1 - They're nearly everywhere. - They can currently be found on every continent except for Antarctica.

#2 - They've been around a while. - Scorpions are the oldest arachnids for which fossils are known. They were the first arachnid fossils to be found in the Paleozoic strata.

#3 - Insects or spiders? - Scorpions are not insects but rather classified as Arachnida, making them a distant cousin to spiders. They have 8 legs and 2 body segments, while insects have 6 legs and 3 body segments. 

#4 - Don't be scared. - Out of the over 1,700 different species of scorpion, only about 25 of those have venom capable of killing a human. All of our Savage Scorpions are quality processed and have the stingers removed, so no worries!

#5 - They glow! - Scorpions naturally glow under UV lights (such as black lights.) This is because there are fluorescent chemicals present in their exoskeleton, and also another reason that they are so awesome dropped into a shot in a bar with blacklights!

#6 - Getting bigger - Scorpions shed their exoskeleton up to 7 times until they are fully grown, which can take up to 3 years. Until the new one forms, they are vulnerable to predators.

#7 - Survivors - Their full lifespan is anywhere from 2-6 years, which is very long compared to other invertebrates. There are reports that in captivity, some have lived as long as 25 years!

#8 - Huge families - Scorpions can have as many as 100 babies in a single brood! They are not hatched from eggs but instead are born alive. After being born, they crawl up onto the mother's back and ride there for 10-20 days until their exoskeleton is hard enough to protect them.

#9 - No thanks, I'm full. - They have large food storage organs and can eat a humongous amount of food in one meal. That paired with their low metabolism means that they are capable of surviving anywhere from 6 -12 months before they need to eat again!

#10 - Hold your breath! - Another way that scorpions are amazing survivors is that they have book lungs much like horseshoe crabs, meaning that they can stay submerged underwater for up to 48 hours! Also, since they normally live in harsh, dry environments, they can survive a lack of water too, able to live on only the moisture they get from their food.


#1 - Eating scorpions is a tradition in some countries where people believe that eating the tail will make you strong. That may or may not be true but they do have some other real health benefits. 

#2 - The smaller 3-4 cm Savage Scorpions that we sell are more of a snack than a meal. Actually dining on scorpions provides a person with a food that's packed full of protein.

#3 - Scorpions are actually fairly high in calories, which is important if you are eating them in a survival situation and need to stay energized. 

#4 - Those that have tried scorpion as a meal say that the taste is similar to crispy chicken skin, while others say it's likened to crab. When you shoot a Savage Scorpion along with your favorite tequila, whiskey, or other liquor, it tends to take on the flavor of that particular libation!

#5 - If you don't know what you are doing, eating a wild scorpion can be dangerous. Either take some classes to learn what you need to know or leave it to the experts to prepare your scorpion for eating.


Since our products are real scorpions, much of the information above also pertains to the Savage Scorpions that we sell for you to add to your shots, drinks, and even foods. The additional facts below pertain to the scorpions you will receive with your order.

#1 - Savage Scorpions are perfectly safe to eat as they are high quality processed and have the stingers removed before they are sent out to you. 

#2 - They seriously glow under UV lights. As we mentioned above, we don't have to do anything extra to them, they're just naturally awesome like that! 

#3 - They are guaranteed to liven up any party (as long as you have friends that like to have fun!)

#4 - The addition of Savage Scorpions to your menu will get people excited and talking about your bar or restaurant. 

#5 - Savage Scorpions are easy to order. Simply visit our website at www.SavageScorpions.com and let us know how many you need.

Now that you've got all of that awesome scorpion knowledge packed into your brain, what are you going to do with it? Share it with everyone you know! Or, better yet, share a scorpion shot or two with them instead. Save the Savage Scorpions knowledge for some random trivia night in the future. 

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