Savagely Awesome Ideas for an Unforgettable 4th of July Party

Independence Day falls on a Saturday this year. That means it is timed perfectly in 2020 for a weekend celebration! Savage Scorpions has gathered a few awesome 4th of July party ideas in today's blog so you can throw a bash that you and your friends will be talking about for years to come. If you happen to be a bar owner and will be working over the 4th of July weekend, you may want to bring a few of these ideas into your venue.

Backyard Bash
4th of July and backyard BBQs go hand in hand. Some burgers and brats, a few coolers of ice-cold beverages, and a few sparklers are a great start. For a memorable event, though, you'll want to add a couple of signature drinks to really "wow" your guests. Serving Savage Scorpion cocktails and shots always creates a one-of-a-kind night! Here are a couple of drink ideas that pair nicely with BBQ that you can easily drop our creative drink garnish into. 

White Wine Berry Sangria
This festive sangria is refreshing on a hot summer day and features the holiday colors of red, white, and blue. The color comes from the red strawberries and raspberries, the blue blueberries, and the white wine. The kick comes from vodka, brandy, and if you're feeling savage, one of our unique drink ingredients popped into each glass along with the fruit! 
Get the full recipe here. 

Backyard BBQs are bound to have a few beers chilling in ice within reach. This popular Mexican cocktail takes that beer and adds tomato juice, spices, and a bit of "heat" to create an incredible beverage. (Plus, it's red, which fits in with the 4th of July nicely!) There are quite a few versions of this drink online. Here is one.  
Get the full recipe here.  

Party by the Pool
Another option for a hot day in July is to host a party poolside. If you live near a natural body of water, you may even be able to upgrade the celebration to the beach. For this party, everyone has the water to cool off in but nobody wants to spend the entire time in there. While you're lounging next to the water rather than inside it, these delicious drinks will keep you refreshed and take the event to the next level. 

Mermaid Lemonade
A drink named after a mythical water creature is an excellent cocktail to enjoy poolside! The beautiful blue tint of this drink will look lovely displayed next to the red shot featured below. Here you get a delicious combination of rum, lemonade, and a few other very simple ingredients. All you'll need to add to the recipe is one of our Savage Scorpions! (Because we're pretty sure that mermaids love the taste of scorpions. If we ever see one, we'll be sure to ask!)
Get the full recipe here.
Red Hot Shots
With a beautiful red color, the bite of tequila, and the kick of a special cinnamon schnapps, this festive shot is begging to be turned into a scorpion shot! If you loved the taste of Red Hots candy as a kid, this liquidy adult version will bring a smile back to your face. 
Get the full recipe here. 

Late Night Fireworks Extravaganza
Once the sun goes down on the 4th of July, it's time for fireworks! While the sky is all lit up with the sparkly show, light up your party with glow sticks and blacklights. 

An incredibly fun fact that many people don't know is that scorpions naturally glow under ultraviolet lighting. That means that Savage Scorpions added to any drink or shot will also glow, as long as you're near the right type of lighting. It's a great excuse to throw a Glow-In-The-Dark Party!  

Neon Night Light
We found some creative cocktail ideas searching through Pinterest. Different mixers combined with clear liquors glow in a variety of ways under blacklights. This particular drink recipe both looks and sounds absolutely delicious and should glow a beautiful blue for your party. 
Get the full recipe here.  

Now that you have a few fun ideas on how to celebrate this 4th of July, call up some friends and invite them over! You'll find everything needed to make the drinks above at your local grocery or liquor store. For the extra-special ingredient, you can order Savage Scorpions online! No matter what you're celebrating, a few Savage Scorpions added to any party always takes it from ordinary to extraordinary! The only limit to how you can serve them is your own imagination. 

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