Scorpions as a Delicacy Around the World

Unless you happen to be a scorpion fanatic, you probably didn't know that this intriguing creature can be found living on every continent in the world except for Antarctica. The specific scorpions that we use to provide you with scorpion shots and a fun and unique cocktail garnish come from just two places - China and Thailand.

In other countries, locals and tourists alike enjoy scorpions more commonly than we are used to. Here in the United States, our Savage Scorpions are the best way for you to get a taste of this delicacy. Our gourmet ingredient can be used in shots, cocktails, and even food. Here's a closer look at how they are enjoyed in other parts of the world. 

If you thought taking a scorpion shot was savage, people in Thailand eat their scorpions on a stick, similar to a kabob. When tourists, or anyone for that matter, eat scorpions from a street vendor, it’s important to make sure whatever vendor you buy from has removed the stinger from the tail. (Our Savage Scorpions are always quality processed with the stingers removed.)

Scorpions in Thailand are often times deep-fried and they can have a bitter aftertaste that quickly follows. Some people say they are delicious and can resemble potato chips because they are crunchy and taste salty.

Scorpions are known as a delicacy in China. They can be cooked in many different ways – roasted, fried, grilled, or sometimes even consumed raw.

There is a long-running saying that says Chinese eat just about anything. While this may be somewhat true, one thing we are positive they eat is black scorpions. They believe that scorpions make your blood hotter in cold weather and they can cure “certain conditions.” They are traditionally served on skewers here too which makes it a quick grab and go snack for many.

Savage Scorpions

While Americans may not normally eat scorpions the way they do in Thailand or China, our exciting drink ingredient is making them a lot more common! It's extremely difficult to turn down our Savage Scorpions when given the opportunity, especially when the offer is accompanied with the catchphrase "How Savage Are You?"!

A scorpion is just too savage to turn down, and adding them to a specialty cocktail makes the drink seem a lot more exotic and exciting. Many of our customers have even started added Savage Scorpions to fun food items like nachos and pizza! When it comes to ways to use these incredible treats, the only limit is your own imagination!

Savage Scorpions

It's easy to order Savage Scorpions online through our website. They are each 3 cm-4 cm long and come in either 50-count or 100-count containers. Add them to the menu at your bar or share them with friends at a house party. Once you've had s Savage Scorpion, no drink will ever be the same!

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