Delicious Drink Ideas to Enjoy Over Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is coming up in just a few days, which means it is time to start thinking about the refreshing beverages you'll be serving over the holiday weekend. Savage Scorpions pulled together a few Memorial Day Drink Ideas from around the internet to inspire you. 

They are all easy to make and will taste even better with the addition of one simple yet unique drink ingredient - Savage Scorpions! (Okay, they don't have to have that added, but it sure makes the drinking experience a lot more exciting!) 

Watermelon Sangria
Memorial Day often means picnics, and what's a picnic without watermelon? With this refreshing recipe, you get to have your watermelon and "drink" it too! It is a wonderful combination of white wine, white rum, seltzer, and a variety of fresh fruits. (Our creative drink ingredient always looks right at home mixed in among all that fruit!) 

This can easily be mixed up ahead of time and served right out of the watermelon rind. Delicious and beautiful! 

Get the full recipe here.

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Red, White, & Boom

This simple spiked lemonade adds a touch of patriotic flair to your drink by representing the glorious colors of red, white, and blue. It's easy to make with easy-to-find ingredients that can be mixed up by the pitcher. We suggest that if you truly want to some "boom" to this drink, turn it into your own a signature cocktail by adding the "kick" of a Savage Scorpion to the ingredients list! 

Get the full recipe here.

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Cucumber Margarita
Two extremely refreshing beverages on a hot day are cucumber-infused water and margaritas. This recipe masterfully combines those two flavors into one irresistible cocktail! 

As an added bonus when you soak cucumber in tequila to infuse the liquor, those little bits of cucumber left in the drink end up packing quite a surprising punch! (Not quite as savage as biting into one of our Savage Scorpions, but still a nice bonus!) 

Get the full recipe here.

Red, White, & Blue Martini
Here we have a simple vodka martini with a very impressive layered look incorporating the colors of the holiday; red, white, and blue. It contains only 5 ingredients that you most likely already have behind your bar (6 if you add a Savage Scorpion to the list!) 

You may need a bit of practice to get the layering technique just right but once you do, all of your guests will be super impressed with your mixology skills. (And hey, just think how tasty the practice runs will be!)  

Get the full recipe here.

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You can also take that same layering technique explained in the recipe above and use it to make some impressive and patriotic scorpion shots on a smaller scale! Literally, any drink can be turned into a savagely signature cocktail simply by adding Savage Scorpions to the mix, either dropped into the glass or used as a creative cocktail garnish

It's easy to order Savage Scorpions online. They are available in 50-count or 100-count containers. You may want to go ahead and get the big one because once your guests get a taste, they're going to expect them in all of the drinks you serve from now on! 

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