There Are SO MANY WAYS To Use Savage Scorpions!

Our unique drink ingredient is usually served just one at a time, but there is definitely more than just one way to enjoy Savage Scorpions. When it comes to how many different ways they can be served, the only limit is your imagination! Scorpions shots are only the beginning...

The Most Savage Shot Ever!
Since scorpion shots are "only the beginning," we might as well begin with them. Even though this is one of the most obvious ways to use Savage Scorpions, it simply cannot be left out of the list. It's quick, it's easy, and frankly, kind of irresistible. Preface the presentation with #HowSavageAreYou and it will be even harder to turn down! 

A Savage Signature Cocktail
Most people immediately assume that Savage Scorpions are simply used to drop into a shot glass with some tequila or whiskey. Well, that's definitely one way to do it but you can do so much more than that!

For example, add one to the list of ingredients of your favorite cocktail for a savage kick. After mixing the drink, finish the mix by dropping a Savage Scorpion right into the glass.

One of these edible scorpions could even be dropped on top of a frozen cocktail. It's up to the drinker whether they devour the scorpion while it's on top or save it for the last sip as the drink melts a little. Keep a container of our scorpions at your bar so they are handy at a moment's notice when a recipe needs a little something extra!

Savage on the Side
If the presentation is important to you, Savage Scorpions make an incredibly creative drink garnish that always gets a lot of attention. They can be perched on a fruit slice on the side of a cocktail or skewered with additional drink garnishes on a pick and placed masterfully across the top of the drink.

When you are serving large groups of people and have prepared a punch bowl full of the drink being served, our edible scorpions can be placed all around that punch bowl for drinkers to pop into their glasses as poured. Just imagine how awesome that could look at a themed party. (BTW, did we mention, they naturally glow under UV lighting!)

Savagely Gourmet Treats
Savage Scorpions are not only a great addition to any drink, but they can be added as a gourmet food ingredient to your favorite dishes too! Add some extra pizzazz to a food you'll be serving by topping it with a few of our edible scorpions.

Popular dishes we've already seen our scorpions used on are pizza and nachos, but just like they pair perfectly with any type of liquor, they'll work wonderfully with any type of food as well. Save them for a finale at the end of a meal as a savage ice cream sundae topping or cupcake topper! If you can imagine it, you can do it.

There are just a few ideas to get you started. How do you plan to get savage? You can order Savage Scorpions online in jars of 50 or 100. Pick up enough to share, get creative, and show us #HowSavageAreYou! 

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