Creative Ways to Make This Spring Break Exciting & Savage!

Although it's not yet technically spring (which arrives on March 19, 2020) many colleges are already going on Spring Break. Savage Scorpions didn't want to miss those early birds by waiting to talk about how much fun and excitement our unique drink ingredient can bring to the party. That means today's blog is filled with savage ways to enjoy your time off. 

If your school won't be taking Spring Break until later, that just gives you more time to order your Savage Scorpions online before it gets here. Not in college? Perfect! That just means you can hand-pick the dates you want to celebrate this glorious new season! 

Spring Break Games
Whether you're spending your Spring Break by the water or someplace less "beachy," these fun drinking games can be set up just about anywhere with little to no prep needed. 

Mr. Freeze
This game can easily be played throughout an entire party. It can be played with any size group but goes a lot faster with fewer people. 

Designate someone to be "it." At some point later during the party, they will stop moving, frozen in place. As others notice, they will freeze in place too. The very last person to freeze has just earned themselves a scorpion shot! (Any shot will do. Our Savage Scorpions pair perfectly with any type of alcohol.) The shot-taker become the next "it" and the game goes on. 

Beer Pong
Wherever you end up taking a well-deserved break this spring, there's bound to be a game of beer pong break out at some point. Up the ante and take it from ordinary to extraordinary by adding a few Savage Scorpions to one, a few, or all of the cups! If you won't be drinking out of the gameplay cups but rather your own drinks, draw a big "S" in the bottom of the game cups to signify which ones prompt a player to drop a real Savage Scorpion into their beer. 

Spring Break Drinks
Next up, some refreshing beverage ideas that fit in perfectly with Spring Break. The only thing you need to do to make these cocktails savage enough for an exciting celebration is to add our creative cocktail garnish to the ingredients list before serving! 

Best Beer Margarita
recipe by Kittencalrecipezazz

Margaritas always seem to make their way onto our list of drink recipes. This time around we've found one for you with the classic flavors of lime and tequila but the added "oomph" of beer. A great big batch of these with some limes and Savage Scorpions to garnish each glass is sure to be a hit at any party. 

Find the full recipe here.

Mixed Berry Sangria

Sparkling white wine, some white cranberry juice, and coconut rum give you refreshing flavors perfect for sipping poolside. The fresh berries called for as garnish will float along with your Savage Scorpion nicely in the glass too! 

Find the full recipe here.

photo from 
Scorpion Bowl

With a name like "Scorpion Bowl," we simply couldn't resist adding this delicious drink to the list! (We're frankly shocked that Savage Scorpions aren't already on the ingredients list! You can fix that when you mix yours up.) You'll definitely want a few friends to help you finish this amazing drink full of all kinds of tastiness. Oh, and have a fire extinguisher nearby, just in case...

Find the full recipe here.

How Savage Are You?
So, how savage do you plan to make Spring Break this year? That's easy to do with the simple addition of Savage Scorpions to create excitement and lots of awesome memories. These gourmet scorpions not only add something special to shots and cocktails, but also allow you to create some incredibly interesting food items! The only limit is your own imagination. 

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