Excitement Happens When You Add Savage Scorpions to the Menu at a Bar or Restaurant!

Finding new and unique ways to bring more customers into a bar or restaurant is constantly on a venue owner's mind. One of the most creative and incredibly unique ways to do this is to add Savage Scorpions to the drink menu. As a matter of fact, they can even be added to the food menu too. 

Keeping customers intrigued by the foods and drinks you have to offer is an excellent way to get them coming back again and again to see what new excitement you have in store. Scorpion shots are just the beginning of what you can do with our unique drink ingredient. The only limit to how they can be used is your own imagination! 

Just what makes these Savage Scorpions special enough to get your customers excited? Lots of things! Let us tell you about a few. 

They Are Unique
More than likely your customers won't get the chance to "shoot the scorpion" anyplace else in town. Once other venues hear how excited people are about your new menu item, they may want to jump on board too but serving Savage Scorpions before everyone else will put you on the map as a trendsetter. The place people go for the latest and the greatest!  

They Are Fun
Any group out for an eventful night on the town is generally up for an adventure. Offering them a Savage Scorpion signature drink or food item is a perfect way to give them a chance to make some unforgettable memories. 

Oh, and we can't forget to mention, they glow in the dark! Scorpions glow naturally under ultraviolet lighting, so we didn't have to do anything extra for this fun party trick. We do quality process them and remove the stingers, but as for the glowing, they're just naturally that savage!  

They Get People Talking
Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools there is. (Plus, it's free!) As soon as one person decides they are savage enough to give our Savage Scorpions a try, it's going to draw a lot of attention from everyone there to witness it. Those people will all be anxious to tell everyone that missed it all about the awesome thing they just saw. 

Expect more than a few photos to make their way onto social media too. News is bound to spread quickly and have all kinds of new customers wanting to come in and prove just how savage they are.

They Offer So Many Possibilities
Scorpion shots are probably the most popular way for people to enjoy Savage Scorpions. They pair perfectly with any type of alcohol, so you are never limited to the type of shots you can offer. These edible scorpions can also be dropped inside a cocktail for a fun mid-drink surprise or used as a creative drink garnish on the outside of the glass. 

Don't think you have to keep them behind the bar though because these tasty treats make an excellent gourmet food ingredient too. We've seen them used impressively on pizza, nachos, and tacos but they could easily be used in an incredible way on plated entrees as well. 

They Are Easy To Order 
If our Savage Scorpions sound like the perfect new item to bring new customers into your bar or restaurant, plus keep your regulars excited about coming back, we can ship them to you right away. Simply order Savage Scorpions online easily through our website. 

These incredible attention-grabbers are available in either 50-count or 100-count containers. Each scorpion is 3 cm-4 cm, so they don't even take up too much space in your inventory.   

We're sure that your customers (and customers-to-be) have lots of great places to choose from when they decide to go out. Give them an excellent reason to pick you over all of those other venues. Savage Scorpions could give you that edge! The more ways you come up with to serve them, all the more reasons people will have to keep coming back and trying them over and over again. 

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