Savage Promo Ideas For Your Bar This Year (January-June)

Hosting special events throughout the year is an excellent way to get more customers into your bar or restaurant. Sometimes you need a gimmick to get the customers' attention in the first place. Once they're in the door, then your quality food and drinks and excellent customer service will keep them coming back time and time again. 

Keeping things new and exciting also makes them want to hang out with you often and Savage Scorpions can help make that happen! Here are just a few ideas for special promos that you can feature January-June and we'll complete the year of ideas in next week's blog. This, of course, is just the beginning. When it comes to our unique drink ingredient, your creativity is the only limit (and we're always here for inspiration when you need it!) 

While it's too late for this year, hosting a New Year's Day recovery brunch is a great idea to keep in mind for 2021. A few specialty Mimosas and Bloody Marys or even a Bloody Mary Bar with all the fixings will hit the spot nicely and Savage Scorpions make an impressive and creative cocktail garnish.  

Super Bowl Sunday falls on February 2nd this year, so you might want to start your promos in January to get a few weeks' use out of them. Tie the specials into the playoffs and bowl games that happen throughout January. Football and beer go hand-in-hand, so something as simple as a "Savage Brew" consisting of any beer and a Savage Scorpion is really all you need. If you'll be offering specials on buckets of beer, include 1 Savage Scorpion with each bucket and see which person at the table is savage enough to take it! 

This month brings us Valentine's Day which can be celebrated positively or negatively, depending on whether you are for or against romance this year. Serve a signature "Sensuous Scorpion" cocktail that is pink or red to all the lovers that come into your venue. On the flip side, if you'll be hosting an Anti-Valentine's Day Party for your single patrons, a straight Savage Scorpion shot of something strong could be the best drink to get their mind off of all that romance in the air.

Mardi Gras is a perfect excuse to throw a big bash this month. This year Fat Tuesday falls on February 25 with the celebration officially beginning on February 22, but you could easily make the party last all month long! Hurricanes with a Savage Scorpion inside are sure to keep the excitement level high!   

Spring Break happens at various colleges around the country anywhere from February-April. That makes the entire month of March a great time to aim some promotions at these students that are ready to let loose and have some fun. Encourage them to take a "Scorpion Break" during Spring Break. You could even host a beer pong tournament but make the competition a bit more savage by popping a scorpion into a few of the cups. 

Mid-month, you can't pass up celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Irish Whiskey is a lot more savage when you drop a scorpion into it. This is one holiday that people will be willing to prove #HowSavageAreYou with a little "Luck o' the Scorpion!"  

In case you weren't already aware, April 3 happens to be known as "World Party Day" annually! Now that's a wonderful excuse for you to throw a great big extravaganza and feature some savage specials. For example, you could feature shots and cocktails from around the world in honor of this worldwide party day. 

Savage Scorpions aren't just for drinks. They can also help your chef to create unique gourmet food ideas too! We've seen them added deliciously to pizza, nachos, and even tacos but they look (and taste) terrific on fancier entrees as well. Foodies won't be able to resist! 

Margaritas seem to pair perfectly with just about any occasion but on Cinco de Mayo, they're a must! Forget about offering a shot with a worm in it like every other place in town. Instead, offer tequila or mezcal as a scorpion shot! You can either drop the Savage Scorpion into the shot glass or save it as a chaser - salt, tequila, lime, scorpion! 

June officially brings the first day of summer. This is the time to push ice-cold refreshing cocktails and frozen drinks. Imagine what people would enjoy sipping poolside, like a Lake Water, but re-brand it as a "Scorpion By the Sea." If your venue doesn't have a pool, well then, maybe it's time to host a luau. Another cool treat on a hot summer's day could be a "Savage Scorpion Jello Shot." Now that sounds irresistible! 

That should give you plenty of inspiration to begin planning the first half of your 2020 promotions. Next week, we'll tackle the last six months of the year with ideas on how to bring more revenue to your bar or restaurant with the help of exciting events featuring Savage Scorpions. With a little imagination and cool customers that are willing to answer the question #HowSavageAreYou, the possibilities are endless! 

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