5 Reasons Savage Scorpions Will Make Your Bar Better (& More Popular!)

All over the country, you'll find numerous bars and restaurants to choose from in every city. If you want to bring more customers into your bar or restaurant, you need something unique that sets you apart from all the rest. High-quality items and exceptional customer service are the best way to keep people coming back again and again. Adding Savage Scorpions to the menu is an excellent way to get them in the door in the first place! 

There are many ways that our creative drink ingredient can give you the edge over the competition. Below we've listed a few tasty reasons why customers will flock to your bar to check out this exciting new offering. 

They Are Fun & Exciting
When a group comes into your bar or restaurant and they're obviously out for a fun night on the town, the chance to challenge each other to "shoot the scorpion" will definitely give them a night to remember! It's something out of the ordinary that is sure to bring cheers and laughter to everyone in the group. To make them even more fun, Savage Scorpions glow naturally under ultraviolet light, making them even harder for customers to resist.

They Create Tempting Drinks
The most popular way to utilize Savage Scorpions is to offer scorpion shots or add them to drinks from your bar. You can simply offer the chance to purchase them as an add-on to any cocktail, but your drinks will get more attention if you come up with your own drink recipe and a cool name that people will remember. Create drinks for your Signature Scorpion Cocktail Menu that offer a variety of ingredients to cover as many different customers' tastes as possible.

They Create Gourmet Foods
Savage Scorpions can also help you invent items for your food menu that cannot be ordered at any other bar or restaurant in the area. Take an ordinary menu item, such as nachos or pizza, and make it more exciting to order by placing our delicious scorpions on top as specialty ingredients. They are also perfect for adding to gourmet dishes, giving that extra-something-special that most kitchens don't offer.

They Get People Talking
Anyone that gives our Savage Scorpions a try, or can talk their friends into doing it, are going to want to tell the world about the experience. Expect more than a few photos of the event shared across lots of social media channels.

Getting their photo taken and shared on your own business page could be a perk you offer for ordering a menu item with a Savage Scorpion in it. When you share those, be sure to tag us too so that we can see how much fun everyone is having at your place with our product! You won't just be getting attention on social media because everyone will be telling stories about the night out at your place for weeks to come and probably even longer!

They Are Easy To Get
Adding Savage Scorpions to your menu is an easy way to draw positive attention to your bar or restaurant. You can order Savage Scorpions online by visiting our website. They are quality processed with the stingers removed. You can get our 3-4 cm. scorpions in 50-count or 100-count containers.

If you follow Savage Scorpions on your favorite social media channels, you'll find more fun ideas and inspiration for incorporating our creative cocktail garnish into your bar and restaurant menus. You're going to love what the addition of Savage Scorpions does for your business and your customers are going to love it even more!  

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