Holiday Parties are Better with Savage Scorpions in Your Glass!

You're bound to be attending a few holiday parties in December and possibly even hosting one or two. An easy way to make any celebration stand out from all the rest is one simple addition - SAVAGE SCORPIONS

Savage Santa
It's always hard to find the perfect gift idea for those people that seem to have everything they need. Well, we're willing to bet that our unique drink ingredient is something they don't already have and would be very surprised to unwrap! 

Turn your next Secret Santa event into a Savage Santa by gifting a container of our Savage Scorpions. Everyone at the party will be wowed and maybe the recipient will open them up right away and share!   

Shots, Shots, Shots...
Sharing a shot with fellow party-goers is a traditional ritual, but traditions can sometimes seem boring and unoriginal. Liven up that moment by filling those shot glasses with scorpion shots

Savage Scorpions pair perfectly with any type of alcohol so you don't have to change the shot everyone loves to share. Just make it a little more savage! (We bet this will turn into a new tradition that never gets boring!) 

Signature Cocktails
Serving a signature cocktail to guests adds to the theme plus allows you to narrow down the type of alcohol you will be serving. (If you're planning a party on a budget, an open bar can get pricey fast.) A couple of beer choices, a white wine, a red wine, and your signature drink should be more than enough to keep most guests happy.  

You can find lots of great cocktail recipes online that are geared to fit specific holidays all year long. (We share those in our blogs each month!) 

Since our creative cocktail garnish pairs deliciously with any type of alcohol, simply add a Savage Scorpion to the ingredients list of any drink recipe and you've created a cocktail that will definitely have people talking. (Especially if there is an ultraviolet light at the event because Savage Scorpions glow naturally that way!)  

Beyond the Glass
While Savage Scorpions are most often served in a drink or a shot, they are equally as amazing used as a gourmet food ingredient. You can pop one on top of cupcakes, add them into a salad, bake a pizza with Savage Scorpions as a topping... the possibilities are truly endless. Your creativity is the only limit.

"Play" With Your Food 
An idea we have shared in the past (and still consider a truly savage party idea) is to take the game of beer pong that is likely to break out and up the ante! Sneak a Savage Scorpion into one of the cups on each side (or mark the cup in some way) and when the ping pong ball lands in that one, it's time to shoot the scorpion! You could even get super-savage and add a scorpion to every single cup! (#HowSavageAreYou) 

Those are just a few ways that Savage Scorpions can take any party you host or attend to the next level! Life is short. Have a lot of fun and never be afraid to get a little savage! 

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