Creative Cocktails to Serve at the Thanksgiving Table

People generally start thinking about food recipes when Thanksgiving is mentioned. You're going to need a few delicious drink recipes on hand too so your guests have something tasty to wash the meal down with. On that subject, Savage Scorpions has you covered! 

Today we've gathered a few creative cocktail recipes that will pair nicely with Thanksgiving dinner. Beyond that meal, if you're hosting guests in your home for the entire extended holiday weekend, you're probably going to want your bar stocked up and ready. 

For instance, if you're tackling any Black Friday shopping, a few scorpion shots may be just what you need to brave those crowds! Adding our unique drink ingredient to any beverages, or foods for that matter, you serve to guests is bound to make the experience a lot more memorable. Simply add Savage Scorpions to the ingredients list on any of the following recipes for a holiday nobody will forget!  

Bourbon Pecan Pie Cocktail

Bourbon and Savage Scorpions go together beautifully just like Thanksgiving and Pumpkin Pie. (This recipe also uses vodka, which is another thing our creative cocktail ingredient pairs with nicely!) 

This drink recipe takes a few of those favorite things and turns them into an irresistible cocktail. It's slightly sweet but incredibly strong as well, a very nice combination. The site we found it on even suggests turning it into a martini if you don't want to drink it on the rocks. 

Find the recipe here.

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Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria

Some consider sangria a summer drink, but on the contrary, with the perfect seasonal addition to the mix, you can create a savory sangria for any time of the year. This particular recipe takes apples, which are abundant in the fall, and combines with the flavors of cider and pomegranate for a pitcher of yumminess your guests will love. 

Find the recipe here.

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Easy Cranberry Margaritas

This drink has three of our favorite things in it: 
  1. Cranberries, which are a staple on the Thanksgiving table.
  2. Margaritas, which in our opinion are always a crowd-pleaser at any occasion.
  3. Lastly, the fact that it states right in the name that it's EASY to make! 
You don't need Cinco de Mayo or a lounge chair by the pool for an excuse to whip up a batch of margaritas! This twist on a classic recipe makes it a perfect adult beverage to enjoy alongside your turkey and stuffing. 

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Cranberry Orange Mimosas

If you'll be up early cooking on Thanksgiving morning or need something other than a scorpion shot for a boost before Black Friday shopping, Mimosas are the perfect pick-me-up! This particular recipe adds the seasonal flavor of cranberry to this classic cocktail. 
It not only tastes wonderful but also brings in the colors of the season with lovely oranges and reds. One of our Savage Scorpions would be right at home floating alongside the cranberries in this drink!

Find the recipe here

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As we've mentioned a few times, our creative cocktail garnish can be incorporated easily into any drink recipe, including the ones featured above. Don't forget that Savage Scorpions make a wonderful gourmet food ingredient too! 

Turn a boring old food item on your Thanksgiving table into an exciting adventure! Just imagine the discussion around the table when you bring that dish out. Add a few Savage Scorpions to your Thanksgiving this year and take your holiday gathering from ordinary to extraordinary! 

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