10 Great Gift Ideas for Behind the Bar

Thanksgiving is nearly here. That's quickly followed by the Black Friday shopping frenzy for the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list. In our circle of friends, we know a lot of bartenders, both the professional and the at-home just-for-fun kind. Today Savage Scorpions has a few great gift ideas for those people in particular. (You may even want to grab a few of these for your own bar while you're at it!) 

Any occasion where gifts are given is a perfect opportunity to stock up the recipient's bar with their favorite bottles of alcohol. (If you drink with them often, you can even sneak your own favorite bottles into the present!) Around the holidays, it's easy to find gift sets that offer both the bottle of alcohol and something extra, like drinking glasses. Two gifts in one!    

Beer Making Kit
Encourage someone to branch out into making their own booze with a craft beer-making kit. This may be the tiny push they need to become interested in the hobby enough to want to open their own brewery. Since you were the original inspiration, maybe you can get some free beer out of the deal down the road! 

Recipe Book/Notebook
For the bartender always looking for a new and exciting drink to mix up, cocktail recipe books are an excellent idea. If they prefer to come up with their own signature cocktails, then a fancy blank notebook to jot all of the best ideas down in might be an even better gift. 

Bar Tools
The proper tools can elevate a person's skills. The best bar tools could make your favorite bartender even better at what they do, plus make it a lot more fun for them to mix. There are lots of items to choose from, like shakers, garnish trays, fresh juice squeezers, muddlers, bar carts, wine racks, and maybe even a flask for a little "bartending on-the-go." Either find something they don't already own or upgrade their current bar tools.   

Personalized Signs
A big, beautiful, personalized bar sign is a thoughtful present anyone would love to hang in their bar. Have "Joe's Place" etched into wood or maybe even twisted into a neon sign. You could also find a marquee with letters that can have messages added and changed whenever they feel like it.  

Funny Bar Napkins
Add some humor to someone's bartop with funny bar napkins. You can find them online and in many stores or you may want to have a few personalized ones made. Here are some sayings that made us grin. 
  • This drink will improve your dance skills!
  • My favorite drink... is the next one!
  • When life gives you lemons, ask for tequila & salt.
  • ALCOHOL - because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad. 
  • Who the $%@# invited you?
  • #HowSavageAreYou

Unique Drinkware
Fill their cabinets with fancy new wine glasses, snifters, pint glasses, shot glasses, etc... This is another item that can easily be personalized for a special added touch. It could be their name, initials, a funny nickname, or something pertaining to a favorite hobby or fandom. Instead of glasses, decanters and carafes are nice gifts also, or possibly a set containing both items.  

Vintage Bar Memorabilia
If you know someone that enjoys antiques, you're bound to find some cool vintage bar items at your local antique store or flea market. Many of the freebies you get from liquor companies when they run promos at the bar eventually become collectors' items. Look for signs, posters, coasters, vintage bottles, bottle openers, mixing sets, or maybe even bottles of alcohol that are no longer sold in stores. 

Mixology Lessons
Improve your favorite mixologist's skills with a master class in mixing drinks. You should be able to find a beginner class for the amateur bartender that will have them mixing like a pro in no time. If they are already fairly skilled in the art of mixology, try to find a class that will introduce them to a new skill to make them even more amazing. 

Savage Scorpions
For the gift-giver that truly wants to give something unique and exciting, our creative drink ingredient is very likely something the recipient doesn't already have! You can easily order Savage Scorpions online in containers of either 50 or 100. 

All of our edible scorpions are quality processed with the stingers removed. Fun Fact: scorpions glow naturally under ultraviolet light! That is always an awesome addition to any party. As a gift, our Savage Scorpions are unique, fun, and of course, savage! 

So, there you have 10 excellent gift ideas for anyone on your list that likes to spend some time behind, or even in, a bar. While you're already shopping, pick up a few Savage Scorpions for any holiday parties you are throwing or attending. Scorpion shots always liven up an event and this creative drink garnish can also be used as a gourmet food ingredient on the party buffet! The possibilities are endless and your creativity is your only limit. 

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