Scorpions Really Aren't That Scary - They're Savage!

Some people think scorpions are scary, but on the contrary, they're pretty awesome! We're not just talking about our Savage Scorpions (although some people look scared to try a scorpion shot and they are also savagely awesome!) Even before we quality-process our unique drink ingredient, scorpions out in the wild are very intriguing creatures that you probably don't need to be afraid of. Check out some of our favorite scorpion fun facts below. 

They Glow in the Dark!
More precisely, scorpions naturally glow under UV lighting. Fluorescent chemicals are present in the exoskeleton of a scorpion. That means that we don't need to do anything special or chemically-induced to Savage Scorpions. They're just naturally super cool that way! A fun fact that makes them an excellent addition to any party. 

They Can "Hold" Their Breath
Scorpions can stay submerged underwater for up to 48 hours! They have book lungs much like horseshoe crabs. Technically they are not holding their breath. They have layers of membranes in the exoskeleton that trap and hold oxygen. Scorpions do not need a whole lot of oxygen in the first place, so they can easily store up enough to last a few days. 

The same thing will happen if you put one inside a plastic baggie. They will live off of their stored oxygen for a couple of days, so just be aware that trapping them this way may give you a surprise! Don't worry, Savage Scorpions are not alive before we package them, so there's no chance they are "holding their breath" in your shot glass! 

Savage Scorpions

They Don't Eat Often
The combination of a low metabolism and large food storing organs means that scorpions don't need to take lunch breaks very often. They can consume humongous amounts of food in one sitting and are capable of surviving on that anywhere from 6 months up to a year before needing to eat again. 

Since scorpions normally live in harsh, dry environments, they can survive on very little water as well. They can live on only the moisture from their food.

You Don't Need to Fear Them
That stinger on a scorpion is what freaks most people out because they assume it is poisonous. Well, yes, all scorpions have a venomous sting but in reality, most scorpions are not considered life-threatening to humans. Out of over 1,700 different species, only about 25 of those have venom capable of killing a human. 

Our scorpion shots have the stingers removed and are completely safe to consume, so there's even less reason to be scared of them. Sure, it may be something new that you've never done before, but hey, isn't that what makes life exciting!  

Savage Scorpions

They Make Drinks & Shots a LOT Better!
Everyone tends to get into a rut drinking the same cocktails and shots every time they go out for an evening. Our creative drink garnish lets you turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! They pair perfectly with any type of alcohol. Adding Savage Scorpions to a drink gives you a wonderful opportunity to create your own personalized signature cocktail that no one else can offer.

They're not just for drinks either. As a matter of fact, these Savage Scorpions make an incredible gourmet ingredient for any foods you may be serving too. The possibilities are truly endless and your only limit is your own imagination. 

Include this savagely cool creature at your next party. You can easily order Savage Scorpions online and have them to thrill and impress everyone that you know. It's always fun to pose the question to your guests #HowSavageAreYou?

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