Costume & Cocktail Pairings for a Supremely Savage Halloween

Every Halloween you probably rack your brain trying to think of the best costume to impress your friends that still makes you look great. In our opinion, the perfect accessory is what you need to really put your costume over the top, and in this case, Savage Scorpions is focusing on the drink that your Halloween character will be carrying around all evening. Here are a few perfect Halloween costume & cocktail pairings to try out this year. 

Vampire is a classic Halloween costume, and you'll stay completely in character when you drink "Bloody" Marys all night long. Don't forget to put in the sharp teeth and add a bit of fake blood dribbling from your lips. This is also the perfect cocktail if you decide to go out as a zombie.

If you're a tequila lover, you might consider dressing up as the lime or the salt that is often served alongside it. Bonus points if you dress someone up as a Savage Scorpion to make it a scorpion shot

Another great idea is to be someone loaded up for margarita making, ready to mix a cocktail any time an empty glass is spotted! Don't forget to add a few Savage Scorpions to your holster! 

Find these costumes here

Beer drinkers can get away with wearing the same thing they wore to celebrate Oktoberfest! (You dressed up for that too, right?) Another costume that pairs perfectly with an ice cold brew is a giant beer pong cup. If you can convince enough friends to wear the same costume, you could even get a savage game of gigantic beer pong started! 

Find Oktoberfest costumes here &
the beer pong costume here

Pirates drink rum, no doubt about that. A tall glass of rum punch will keep you in character all night long. A blue rum cocktail, like a Lake Water, works well for any creature from the sea too, for example, a mermaid.

Find pirate costumes here

Obviously, if you're dressed as a great big box of wine, you really should be walking around with a wine glass in your hand. This DIY costume is actually a functioning wine dispenser! Unless you have extremely long arms, you may have to ask for a little help when you need a refill. You could easily add a small container on the top of your box to hold a few Savage Scorpions for everyone to add to their glasses!

Get the costume instructions here


Our absolute favorite Halloween costume idea this year is... A SAVAGE SCORPION! All you need is a fashionable black outfit, a long wig, and a very talented stylist to copy the look in the photo below. As for your perfect drink pairing, well, our creative cocktail garnish goes deliciously with every type of drink or shot, so you're free to drink anything you're in the mood for! 

These Halloween costume & cocktail pairings should get your creative juices flowing. If you're having a hard time deciding what to dress up as this year, think about your favorite drink first and then figure out what type of costume would look awesome carrying it around all evening! Once that decision is made, all you need to do is pop a Savage Scorpion in your drink or shot and you're all set for very savage Halloween!

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