Put Savage Scorpions in Your Bar or Restaurant & Watch Excitement Happen!

Finding new ways to increase revenue in a bar or restaurant is a topic constantly on the minds of owners and managers. Serving our Savage Scorpions is a creative and unique way to do exactly that. They are perfect for offering a savagely fun shot and they make an excellent garnish for both cocktails and food. If you happen to be in charge of a bar or restaurant, here are 5 excellent reasons why you need to be serving this unique food and drink ingredient to your customers. 

They're Unique
There is a good chance that you will be the only establishment in your neighborhood, and possibly your entire city, that offers Savage Scorpions. They're not your average menu item, and only someplace savagely cool can get away with it! There are a lot of different ways to serve these scorpions though, so even if you're not the only place in town carrying them, you can create a unique signature shot, cocktail, or menu item that can only be enjoyed at your venue. 

They're Fun
If you've got a group looking for a good time, hand them a Savage Scorpion shot. We guarantee it will get their party started or make the one they are already well into more exciting and definitely an occasion worth remembering. 

Oh, and we can't forget to mention, they glow in the dark! There are no chemicals added to make this happen. Scorpions naturally glow under ultraviolet light, making them a very fun item to have at any party. 

They Get People Talking
As soon as one person decides they are savage enough to give our Savage Scorpions a try, it's going to draw a lot of attention from everyone there to witness it. Everyone will be anxious to tell all about this awesome thing they saw happen at your restaurant once they leave, spreading the word about how savage your place is. Once a few pictures hit social media, the news is sure to spread very quickly and have all kinds of people wanting to come in and prove just how savage they are too. 

They're For Food AND Drinks
Even though most people choose to drink Savage Scorpions for a fun shot idea, they look great added as a unique garnish on cocktails too. Many creative chefs have also found cool and delicious ways to incorporate these tasty treats into special gourmet dishes. The food can be an edible piece of art or it can be something simple that everyone loves, like nachos pizza. Your creativity is the only limit as to how our Savage Scorpions can be used. 

They're Easy To Get
If our Savage Scorpions sound like the perfect thing to bring some new customers into your bar or restaurant, plus keep your regulars excited about coming back, we can ship them out to you right away. Simply place your order directly from our website at www.SavageScorpions.com

We currently have 3 cm-4 cm scorpions in either a 50-count or 100-count order. That many should be good to get you started, but we're sure they will be so popular that you're going to need a lot more than that! 

There are a lot of great places for your customers to choose from when they go out. You need a unique and fun reason for them to pick your establishment, and Savage Scorpions are an excellent way to do just that! The more you do with them, all the more reasons people will have to keep coming back and trying them over and over again! 

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