Get Creative & Go From Ordinary to SAVAGE!

More than likely every time you go to the bar you have your "regular" order, usually just because it's easier than trying to decide on a new drink. Routine can be good, but it can also get kind of boring when you happen to be in the mood for something a little different. Savage Scorpions gives you the best of both worlds! Order your same drink of choice, but give it a savage boost. 

The simple addition of this creative cocktail garnish transforms an ordinary drink or shot into something savage and a lot more exciting. It may sound like too small of a change to make a big difference, but give it a try. In addition to making your regular drink more interesting to you, it's bound to draw the attention of everyone around you too.  

Dropping a Savage Scorpion into any type of shot is a great way to make the entire evening a lot more interesting! Especially if you challenge your friends to to a scorpion shot too. 

It doesn't matter what you're shooting because these tasty treats are a fantastic addition to any type of alcohol. You may be tempted to swallow it whole along with the rest of the shot, which is perfectly acceptable, but it's a lot more savage if you take the time to chew! 

If you're not a shot person, Savage Scorpions are equally as enjoyable dropped into a mixed drink. They also make an intriguing and creative cocktail garnish sitting on top of a piece of fruit on the glass. Many say that presentation is everything, and when you're holding a drink garnished with a Savage Scorpion, you're definitely going to make a memorable first impression!   

Yes, even your favorite beer can get an extra boost of excitement with the addition of a Savage Scorpion. You don't need a fancy mixed drink or a shot glass full of the hard stuff to prove how savage you really are. We do recommend drinking it from a glass, though, because you don't want your scorpion to get stuck in the bottle! 

You don't even have to be a drinker to take part in all the fun. Instead, use these Savage Scorpions as a gourmet food item and add them to a delicious dish that will entice everyone to take a bite. 

We have seen them successfully used as a pizza topping and even added to a great big plate of very fancy nachos. The only limit to the ways that Savage Scorpions can be used on food, and even in drinks, is your imagination! 

So, how savage are you? Savage Scorpions can easily be incorporated into shots, signature drinks, menu items, and anything else that needs to be a bit more savage. The next time you're searching for a way to add some fun and excitement to the ordinary, add a Savage Scorpion! No one will expect it, and everyone will want to know more about it and join the fun! 

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