Unique Holiday Traditions That You Might Find Fun... or Even Savage!

Savage Scorpions are meant to add fun and excitement to an otherwise ordinary drink, shot, or food item. Traditional things are great, but adding a little something extra, like our creative cocktail garnish, makes the experience just a bit more savage! 

For instance, you probably have holiday traditions that you take part in annually this time of year. You can still enjoy those while adding to them with a new tradition. We've got some savage ideas on that subject below, but first, we thought we'd take a look at some unique holiday traditions from around the world to inspire you. 

Spiderweb Tree Decorations
Since we are fond of scorpions, finding a tradition involving spiders seemed very intriguing to us. In Ukraine, people decorate their Christmas trees with elaborate spiderweb designs. The tradition stems from folklore about a poor family that grew their own Christmas tree from a pinecone. 

The children got very excited about the idea of decorating the tree as it grew, but unfortunately, the family could not afford to buy decorations. On Christmas morning, the children awoke to find that spiders had spun webs all over their tree's branches that shimmered and glistened in the morning light. Today, Ukrainians decorate their trees with spider webs to bring good luck in the coming year.   

KFC For Christmas Dinner
While Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on December 25 has become a tradition for the Japanese. KFC was introduced as a holiday meal in 1974 for people visiting from outside the country. The locals loved it and began looking forward to this delicacy each year. As a matter of fact, it is so popular, customers are asked to place their order at least 2 months in advance and on pickup day, huge lines form stretching around the block. 

Holiday Radishes
While here in the United States we carve pumpkins at Halloween, in Oaxaca, Mexico around Christmas time, they carve radishes! Originally store owners displayed beautifully carved radishes to entice passersby to come into their shops. Eventually, this went from a marketing scheme to a 3-day event. The most impressive display of carved vegetables in the world is shown off in this state each December 23 and they are left out through Christmas Day.  

Newfoundland hosts a celebration that sounds more like Halloween, or maybe even Mardi Gras. People dress in elaborate disguises and visit the homes of friends and family. They also try to disguise their voices and walk differently than usual in an attempt to fool the homeowners. After entertaining the crowd with songs, dances, or comedic plays, an attempt to guess their identity is made. If correct, the masks are removed and everyone enjoys food and drinks. 

Make Your Holidays Unique 
Some of those traditions don't sound too terribly strange, but definitely different than what we are used to in the United States, making them unique and interesting. In the opinion of all of us here at Savage Scorpions, unique and interesting are goals that everyone should strive for! 

Why not come up with some new holiday traditions of your own this year? Savage Scorpions can play a part in the creation of this annual happening. For instance, our blogs often share delicious signature drink ideas that incorporate our scorpions. One of those creative cocktails might be perfect to serve your guests each year. You could possibly even come up with a fun toast and make plans to do a scorpion shot around the Christmas tree or right before the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve with all of your friends.

Our Savage Scorpions can also be used in many creative ways with food, so maybe you can come up with a brand new dish to serve each year incorporating them. It can be as simple as using them as a pizza topping, or if you're more of a foodie, come up with your own savagely gourmet recipe. Your only limitations for how to use Savage Scorpions is your own imagination, and if you ever get stuck for ideas, we're always here to help. As long as it adds a little excitement where it wasn't before, you're doing it right! #HowSavageAreYou? 

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