Exotic Drinks From Around the World - How Savage Are They?

When it comes to unique and crazy cocktails, we know all about that. Whether you prefer a margarita, a vodka tonic, or a straight shot, you can instantly take ANY drink to the next level with the addition of Savage Scorpions! With crazy cocktails on our mind, we thought it would be fun to see what unique drinks are consumed around the world. 

Check out some of these very interesting concoctions below. We may be biased, but after reading a few of these recipes, one of our Savage Scorpions is going to sound a LOT better! They start fairly tame but get outrageous pretty quickly.  

Most people are familiar with the tequila worm, but if you’re looking to swallow the worm, you need to purchase a bottle of Mezcal. Like tequila, it is made by distilling the fermented juice of agave plants in Mexico. The worm that you sometimes find in the bottle is actually the larvae of one of two moths that live on the agave plant.

The Gunpowder Plot
This drink is a smoky Aussie concoction that features gunpowder-flavored gin and earthy fernet branca. It is served in oak-scented “fog” with a sizzling stick of “dynamite”.

Lizard Wine
This type of wine is made by fermenting Ginseng, Gecko lizards, and rice wine in a clay vat for a year. This final product is a green liquid and supposedly tastes similar to brandy, and it improves vision and wards off evil spirits.
This can be either a dish you can eat or a shot you can drink. It is made by taking the extremely poisonous puffer fish fin, crisping it, and placing it in hot sake.

Snake Blood & Rice Wine

Southeast Asia/China
This cocktail is made by infusing whole snakes in rice wine or grain alcohol. You can even take this drink a step further by mixing fluids of the snake – blood and bile – with the rice wine and consume it immediately as a shot.

The Sourtoe Cocktail
Dawson, Canada

You choose ANY drink you want, as long as it's 80 proof alcohol, and the bartender will add a severed toe to your drink. They keep the severed toes stored in salt when they aren’t being used to garnish drinks. The good news is that you are NOT supposed to swallow the toe, but according to tradition your lips must touch it. If you accidentally swallow it (yes, it's actually happened) you will pay a HUGE fine. 

#HowSavageAreYou? We love learning about unique and one of a kind cocktails but after discovering these, a scorpion shot definitely sounds like the best choice. Try one and see for yourself!  

If you’re looking for a way to spice up any of your drinks, whether you own a bar just love to throw house parties, Savage Scorpions are the way to go. You can easily incorporate them into your favorite cocktail or you can use them to create an entirely new specialty drink. Believe us, people are going to love them! 

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