Savage Scorpions Make the Ordinary More Fun!

Occasionally, even things that you enjoy can get a bit monotonous. It can be tough to come up with a new spin that someone you know hasn't already thought of. That's where Savage Scorpions can help you out. They can be used for a lot more than just a new and exciting shot idea. Here are a few ways that Savage Scorpions can add some "new" to your "ordinary."  

Savage Theme Party
Scorpion-chic is not a common party theme, but with our unique cocktail garnish, now it can be! If you happen to be throwing a birthday party for a Scorpio, then it's a theme party idea that you definitely need to carry out! 

A Savage Scorpion can be placed on the top of each cupcake, adding both the perfect decoration and a tasty treat to dessert. For a buffet setup, you could place a scorpion or two on each dish. Both the words "savage" and "scorpion" can be placed into the name of a cocktail to create a signature drink with one of our Savage Scorpions either used as an ingredient or as a part of the cocktail garnish. Last, but certainly not least, these amazing scorpions naturally glow under a UV light. You can turn this theme party into a glow-in-the-dark affair and really impress your guests.    

Scorpion Pong
A good game of beer pong is always fun, but when you add a Savage Scorpion to one of the glasses on each side of the table, you up the ante! Now, when a ping pong ball lands in a cup with a scorpion inside, the person that threw it gets to shoot the scorpion. If everyone is excited about hitting the cup with the prize inside, make it more fun and add a scorpion to additional cups, or possibly even all of them! 

Daring Gourmet Dinner
Throwing a dinner party generally consists of serving classic dishes that you know everyone will enjoy. If that sounds a bit boring to you, spice up those ordinary meal items by adding one particular gourmet food item to each dish - a Savage Scorpion! People most often pair them with drinks, but our scorpions work equally well for making foods more savage too. After all, scorpions are a delicacy in some countries, so we might as well enjoy them here too! 

Holiday Gift Exchange
It's always hard to figure out a good gift to take with you to those holiday parties that have a gift exchange where you don't know who will be the one opening your package. If you wrap up a container of Savage Scorpions, then you are almost guaranteed that's going to be something they don't already have! Pair it with a bottle of your favorite liquor and it makes a pretty impressive present. As a bonus, maybe they'll open it up during the party and share with everyone! 

Those are just a few fun ideas, but once you get your imagination going, we're sure you can come up with even more creative ways to use Savage Scorpions to change something from ordinary to extraordinary! When you do, we'd love to see it. Make sure you share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and don't forget to tag us. We're willing to bet you come up with some savagely out-of-the-ordinary ideas that everyone will want to give a try! 

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