Fun Drinking Games to Play at the Bar or a House Party

With the holidays coming up, lots of parties and gatherings will be taking place. Whether you own an establishment where you want to bring more customers into your bar or restaurant or you are an individual hosting a private party for friends, work, or an organization, you'll need a way to entertain the people joining you. 

Savage Scorpions found a few fun ideas on how you can do that. With the addition of our creative cocktail garnish as one of the prizes, these games go from simply fun to absolutely savage! 

For Bar Owners
Games and contests are a fun way to draw attention to your venue. These can entice new customers to check you out and add excitement to the visits from your regulars. 

Dice Night
This could be a regular weekly happening at your bar or a game you feature during special events. The basic rules are very simple. A customer rolls a pair of dice and is given the prize attached to the value of those dice that you have set ahead of time. From there, you have multiple options for both the prizes you will award and the numbers that are the winners. 

For example, you could go with the classic 7/11 concept. The player wins if they roll a 7 or an 11. Make rolling doubles a bonus of either rolling again or a special prize. If you prefer, only have the player roll one die and assign a prize value to certain numbers. This part is totally up to you. 

As for the prizes, that can be done in a few different ways. You could allow the game to be played by anyone, anytime. It is in your best interest to have the player order the drink first, then play to see if they pay for it or win it. Another fun option is to have a specially customized die that has a specific drink or shot on each side to be rolled first, then they play for that. You, of course, will want to have a scorpion on at least 2 sides of that die!  

Coin Drop
You know those big jars that cherries and olives arrive in at your bar? After you empty one, clean it out and use it to set up this bar game. Fill the jar with water and place a shot glass in the bottom of it. Make the game truly savage by gluing plastic scorpions to the bottom around the shot glass and make the prize a Savage Scorpion shot! Cut a coin-sized slit in the lid and place it back on top of the jar. Players use their own quarters to play. If they land their quarter in the shot glass, they win! Easy to create, cheap to play, and just difficult enough to make it fun. (And you get to keep all the quarters!) 

At a House Party
For those of you that will be hosting a party of your own, here are a couple of ideas on how to keep your guests entertained throughout the evening. 

Mr. Freeze
This is a very random game that is played throughout the entire night. It works best for smaller groups of people so that each round goes fairly quickly. At the beginning of each round, everyone draws to find out who is "it." At some point later, it could be a few minutes or much longer, that person freezes in place. Once others notice, they must freeze as well. The last person to freeze is the one that takes the scorpion shot. Then, everyone draws for a new "it" and a new round begins.  

This works with a regular-sized Jenga game, but it's a lot more fun and easier for teams to play if you use one of the giant sets. You need to come up with an action to write on random pieces throughout the game. When one of these pieces is pulled from the tower, the person that chose it must complete that action before replacing the piece on the top of the tower. Some examples of actions could be:

  • Get Savage! Shoot the scorpion. 
  • Take a second turn right now. 
  • Ladies drink.
  • Fellas drink.
  • Everyone drinks!
  • Choose a team member to replace this piece.
  • Sing a silly song.
  • High 5 over the Jenga tower!   

Fun Anytime, Anywhere
These games can be played at a house party or set up as a competition at your local bar.  

Beer Pong
A good game of beer pong is always fun, but when you add a Savage Scorpion to one of the glasses on each side of the table, you up the ante! Now, when a ping pong ball lands in a cup with a scorpion inside, the person that threw it gets to shoot the scorpion. If everyone is excited about hitting the cup with the prize inside, make it more fun and add a scorpion to additional cups, or possibly even all of them! If you don't want to put the actual scorpion inside the cup in play, draw a big "S" on the inside of the bottom of the cup instead.  

This one is fun to play with a table full of jello shots, which our scorpions fit into nicely. (It just makes the shot crunchier than usual!) All players sit around a table covered in the shots. Everyone looks downward, then on the count of three, heads come up and everyone looks directly at another player. If the person you chose to look at is NOT looking at you, you're safe until the next round. If you end up staring into someone else's eyes, you both take one of the shots. At this point, start a new round with everyone or eliminate shot-takers until only 1 or 2 people are left and offer them a grand prize. 

The games in today's blog are a great way to add some excitement to your night out, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. It's easy to incorporate a scorpion shot into just about any game you might play when you get together with a large group of friends. It's a simple way to make a regular night out a lot more savage! 

Please remember to always drink responsibly. You can adjust the prizes in all of these games so that no one has too much to drink. Savage Scorpions wants everyone to have a savagely good time, but also get home safely at the end of the night so you can party again another day!    

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