Liquor vs. Spirit: What's the Difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a 'liquor' and a 'spirit'? It's not an uncommon question, and often people get the answer that there's no difference. While they are similar and essential both start out as the same thing, they do have their distinct differences and flavors. Savage Scorpion has the deets on the 'Spirit' of alcohol and the differences between 'liquor' and 'spirits'... Plus, a few savage ways to enjoy your favorites!

Liquor is the 'Spirit' of Alcohol
While there are many stories that claim the origination of alcohol distillation, we know based on historical events and records that distillation began with the Alchemists in the Middle East, as they were the first to master distillation. In attempting to make medical elixirs, they would distill liquid, collect the vapor, and gather the “spirit” that came off the material. But even then, it wasn't until a Franciscan monk named Roman Llull used distillation purely for alcohol that today's 'Spirits' began their ascension as a vastly consumed intoxicant.

What's the Difference Between Liquor and Spirits?
Liquor is defined as any non-brewed alcohol. It is basically an alcoholic beverage which contains ethanol. It is produced by fermenting grain, fruit, or vegetables. As compared to spirits, liquor is a lot sweeter mainly because of the added flavoring and sweetness it has. Some examples of popular liquors are Tequila Rose, Bailey's Irish Cream, Kahlua, and Hpnotiq.

On the other hand, spirits are specific liquors that are created to have special flavors. The term “spirit” refers to a certain distilled beverage that has no added sugar and that has at least 20% alcohol by volume, or ABV. Once alcohol is distilled, it becomes a spirit. The most popular kinds of spirits are brandy, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, and whisky.

Liquor and spirits are both known for being strong alcoholic drinks. Both go through distillation before they are served but they have different alcohol contents. Liquors must be distilled from fermented beverages and they have a higher proof rating, which is 40% alcohol content. Spirits, on the other hand, need to have at least 20% ABV. Although their differences are not really that much, they do carry a few distinctions. Fun fact: Wine and beers are not considered to be a liquor or a spirit!

Mix It Up 
Are you ready to see how truly savage your patrons are? Here are a few wild ideas for amping up your liquors and spirits sales!

Shots! Shots! Shots!
One of the most popular ways to use Savage Scorpions is with a tequila shot. Whether you like salt or no salt, lime or no lime, one thing we can usually agree on is that tequila and a Savage Scorpion go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter which tequila you use either. Whether you like top shelf brands or the most basic type, you can spice up any shot with a scorpion.

If tequila isn’t your thing, you can use any type of liquor for a Savage Scorpion shot. Fireball, Vodka, Whiskey? They all work! When it comes down to it, it’s all about preference.

Savage Cocktails
Not big on shots? How about a Long Island Iced Tea, a Cranberry Margarita, or a Apple Cinnamon Old Fashioned? These drinks bring you the flavors of apples, cranberries, cinnamon, and more! Add our creative cocktail garnish to these fancy favorites and make your drink absolutely savage! 

Don't Forget Your Food Sales!
Our delicious scorpions aren't only amazing with your favorite drinks, but they add a little something extra-special to your favorite foods too. We've heard of fairs across the country serving scorpions on pizza, nachos, and more. You don't have to head to the state fair to give this culinary sensation a try. Simply order your own Savage Scorpions directly from our website and head to the kitchen. This added ingredient will take just about any dish from ordinary to gourmet!

Savage Scorpions
If you’re looking for ways to increase your bar’s revenue or drive more traffic this fall to your restaurant, Savage Scorpions may just be what you are looking for. They can be incorporated into shots, beers, and signature cocktails. Your creativity is the limit. Order your Savage Scorpions today and give your bar a savage advantage above the competition!

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